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Zimmerman Traffic Stop


After Snapping Secret Pic

8/7/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Just like George Zimmerman ... the police officer who snuck a pic of Zimmerman's driver's license during a routine traffic stop has been cleared of wrongdoing, TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Trayvon Martin's shooter was pulled over for speeding last week in Forney, Texas -- and audio from the dash cam footage revealed one of the officers snapped a photo (thanks to the unmistakable sound of the iPhone camera shutter).

Cops opened an investigation ... because pics for personal use are strictly prohibited.

The Forney City Manager, Brian Brooks, tells us ... the photo was Kosher.  Brooks says the cop took the pic so his Lieutenant could see he pulled over the notorious defendant ... kind of a CYA.

Case closed.


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Lucy in the Sky    

Be careful mr. Police man, if it ends up on the web, they can reopen the case... No since losing your job over GZ.

406 days ago


CYA or lying after the facts.

406 days ago

Suzy Q     

Give us a break from this murdering narcissist and his ridiculous family.

I hope he shoots himself in his bum.

406 days ago


Zimmerman the killer is on our roads
stalking and ready to kill again....!!
hope the next person he attacks is armed as well and gets him before he gets country is like the wild wild west now, fvcking to sad to honest.....

406 days ago


A serious question for you all...if TM & GZ had never met, where do you think they'd be in 10 years. I bet GZ would be a security guard somewhere & TM would either be in jail or dead. How about the rest of you?

406 days ago


I am glad that he wasn't in any kind of trouble what-so-ever! Seriously, who in the world would believe you if you went in and said (in a random state- not in a state where you would expect someone notorious to be) ""Oh, by the way, I pulled over O.J, Casey Anthony, Charles Manson, etc" If you show proof you are not just another person wanting some kind of attention, you have proof. I understand why he did it and props to him for only showing his boss (and possibly a couple of other co-workers).

406 days ago

BB not bb    

How did TMZ get the story though. He must have leaked it to them. I don't think he was just going to show his boss and delete the picture. He would probably save it and show it to all his friends.

I think police look at citizens as commodities. If they are good for a laugh or getting attention in the line of duty, they are all for it. I think he should probably be reprimanded somehow. Maybe he was so nice and let George go because George let him take his picture.

Why would his boss be especially interested if he pulled over George? It is just a curiosity to them.

406 days ago


It's not a racist thing to speculate on how the future would have turned out. The ignorant thing is to bury our heads and ignore things because they make us uncomfortable. Serious discussions and discourse are ways of solving social ills. Burying our heads in ignorance and refusing to examine problems will only cause more of the same. From what I've read on the matter, TM was a wannabe thug, he even had pics of criminal activities on his phone. Sure they were inadmissible in court because it couldn't be proven that he did it, but it was his phone and those were the pics he chose and that says volumes about him. What does a normal person keep pics of? Loved ones, happy memories... We keep mementos of things we care of. To keep pics of yourself flipping the camera off, trying to look like a criminal, pointing a gun, selfies of holding guns, marijuana plants, selfies of smoking pot... What does that way about a person? He idolized the, "thug life" and what he says and does says a lot about him and where he wanted his life to go. He was aiming to be anti-societial. It's not like he had happy pics of his family, church group, nice friends, girlfriend... Not to mention the text messages he had where he talks about drugs, guns, skipping school, fighting and saying that he's a gangster. It is a good assumption to say that if he had lived that he would possibly spend time in jail and possibly wind up dead anyhow. Anybody who does and glamourizes illegal things and has illegal weapons is most likely going to get into trouble with the police no matter what race you are. So, it's not racist. Black, white, red, yellow, purple, being on the path TM was on would lead to jail or death. It would take something drastic to change Mr. Martin's life, such as a close friend getting killed. Perhaps Trayvon's death was a wake up call to the people who were close to him and their lives will change for the better. Maybe his death will be good on some level.

406 days ago


This cop did a nice job with the pullover, reacted well to the gun in the truck, and was to the point. Decent cops are so rare, they shouldn't give this guy a hassle.

406 days ago


The cop was a groupie from the beginning of the stop. The pig shud have shot Zimmerman in the head and then shot himself.

406 days ago


ashley you obviously didn't listen othe 911 call or the trail. If you did you would know that the only racist was travon, George Zimmerman was cleared by the FBI of being a racist. Educate yourself before making ignorant posts, it just makes you look extremely stupid

406 days ago


"Brooks says the cop took the pic so his Lieutenant could see he pulled over the notorious defendant."

Um,isn't that why he has a dashcam in his police cruiser??

406 days ago


" innocent kid"

Yeah ashley you are too naive and young, don't believe all the lies abc,nbc and cnn has told.


Wanna talk about trayvons racist comments, School suspensions, Fights,
Thefts,Cell phone records ??????

" a mind is terrible thing to waste"

406 days ago


If the po-po can get away with little things, what else are they getting away with? Where there's smoke . . . .

406 days ago


The cops investigated themselves and was cleared... so what's new?

406 days ago
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