'Wonder Years' Star Pulled Over By Cops For Inappropriate Talking

5/11/2013 4:00 AM PDT

'Wonder Years' Star Fred Savage -- Pulled Over By Cops for Inappropriate Talking


Winnie's not gonna be happy about this one -- TMZ has learned, former "Wonder Years" star Fred Savage was pulled over by cops in L.A. this week ... for talking on his cell phone.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Savage was pulled over near Universal Studios in a 2011 Mercedes, and cited for not using a hands-free device while talking on his cell.

And in typical Kevin Arnold fashion, we're told Fred was extremely pleasant throughout the entire traffic stop. Super nice.

FYI, Savage is now a regular director/producer on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," so the $175 in fines won't hurt him too bad.