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Steve Aoki

Lobs Cake 80 Feet

Rocks Wheelchair Kid in the Face

8/7/2013 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This video is so unbelievable we nearly can't believe it -- Steve Aoki launched a FULL CAKE from his DJ booth at a show over the weekend in Toronto ... hurling it 80 feet deep into the crowd ... and it splattered SQUARELY on some poor kid in a wheelchair.

Seriously. The throw could not have been more perfect. Drew Brees couldn't have pulled this off. Which is why our BS alarms are going off.

We can't prove it's some fake viral nonsense, so we'll let you decide. For his part, Aoki is saying it's real. He just tweeted, "i love this kid! i still cant believe i threw this cake 80 feet direct to the face! love u dawg!"

For the record, Aoki does the cake thing all the time at his shows, so it's entirely plausible this is legit.


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440 days ago

Joe Barrotta    

I was there in person and saw him throw the cake at the guy. It is 100% real.

440 days ago


Goes to show the stupidity thst goes on at these EDM shows, not concerts cause none of them can play an insturment or read sheet music to save their sorry lives! I hope the kid sues

440 days ago

Cynical Sam    

If you slow the cake down, you can see the logo for Dim Mak records on it just before it impacts...

440 days ago


that kid loved every minute of that.

440 days ago



440 days ago

Leopold butters Stotch     

The cake toss was hilarious, but why is this story on tmz? Who the crap is this goofball?

440 days ago


PURE POLLINO PARTY on Thursday, Aug 15th , 2013 at Sadie in Hollywood.

440 days ago


"Wheelchair kid"? Really? Wow. Just wow. Smh.

440 days ago


A) I was there, I saw the kid get hit, it's 100% legit.
B) The kid loved every second of it. It's become a part of his act and people dig it, so stop bitching.
C) Steve Aoki isn't a bad guy for doing this, we ask for it. Hell, we even pay for it. Plus, it's pretty good cake.

440 days ago


Real! I was there and saw it. I've met the kid who was caked.

440 days ago


Bunch of hating 40 year olds, with bad grammar, with nothing better to do then hate on a bunch of people just trying to have fun with their weekend. Obviously Steve just likes to have fun, and if anyone thinks he's trying to trick people by 'mixing' while caking then they r just as stupid as the people who actually think he is. Learn to have some fun in your own way like Steve and all attendees, and/or keep ur comments to yourself if you're gonna hate. PS I got splash damage from the cake so u know it's real, in case u wanna do testing on my hat for evidence.

440 days ago

Pam Collins    

I have a son that is in a wheelchair.I think that it's discussing that that happened to that poor guy and if it had of been my son,will I'll just say it wouldn't have been pretty what I would have done and or said!!GO DO YOU SOMEMORE DRUGS YOU CREEP.i ALSO WOULD HAVE HAD HIM ARRESTED!!! JUST MY OPINION.......STEVE AOKI IS AN IDIOT..THAT PRICK.............

440 days ago

The Zib    

C'mon TMZ really? How can you think for 1 minute that is real?? Oh wait, I have heard your riveting on- street "interviews" on your TV show...question answered.

439 days ago


This is 1000% real was there and saw it with my own two eyes.

439 days ago
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