‘Harlem Shake’ Guy Sued I Thought We Were Facebook Friends?!

7/22/2013 3:45 PM PDT

‘Harlem Shake’ Guy Sued – I Thought We Were Facebook Friends?!

DJ Baauer – the guy behind the insanely popular viral hit "Harlem Shake" – is being sued by a photographer who claims Baauer engaged in some serious Facebook deception, TMZ has learned.

Photographer Dustin Kessler claims Baauer, aka Harry Bauer Rodrigues, hired him for a photo shoot last year and then asked for permission to use two of the photos; one for a Facebook profile pic ... the other for a magazine article.

Kessler says he agreed to the terms, but then started seeing his photos showing up all over the place, in print and online magazines like Rolling Stone, Spin and Billboard as well as ads for Coachella … and even on Baauer’s own website.

Kessler says he never got credit OR money for any of his photos.  So he’s suing Baauer – claiming the DJ is partly responsible for the widespread unauthorized use of his pics. Kessler is also suing the media outlets which allegedly ran the pics without permission.

Kessler is demanding a jury trial and is seeking unspecified damages.

Meantime, here's the Miami Heat shakin' things up ...