Drake & Chris Brown VICTORIOUS in $16 Million Nightclub Brawl Lawsuit

7/22/2013 12:45 AM PDT

Drake & Chris Brown -- VICTORIOUS in $16 Million Nightclub Brawl Lawsuit


Chris Brown
and Drake now have something else in common besides Rihanna -- a New York judge just ruled they don't owe a CENT to a nightclub they brawled next to last summer, TMZ has learned.

As we reported, Brown and Drake were sued for $16 million by Entertainment Enterprises, the company behind Greenhouse nightclub in NYC.

Greenhouse is adjacent to W.i.P nightclub -- where Chris and Drake's entourages got into a massive bottle-throwing brawl last June -- and EE said their reputation took a massive hit following the ordeal because of its proximity to Greenhouse. EE said the brawl cost them a lot of money.

Drake responded to the lawsuit, saying it wasn't his problem -- because he can't control how the media reported the incident -- and this week, the judge in the case took his side.

The judge said Drake and Chris had no duty to the club to behave -- especially because their brawl didn't even occur on Greenhouse's premises --  and while nightclub brawls are unfortunate, they're not uncommon ... which means EE can't just sue whenever a fight happens.

The lawsuit was tossed out.