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Rihanna Lawsuit

Grave Allegations

Over Grandma's $150K Funeral

8/8/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

8:18 AM PT  Rihanna's rep tells us the singer paid the bill in full, and the allegation that there's an outstanding balance is "completely false."


sent her grandma out in grand style ... and now the funeral company has sent her a lawsuit.

Clara Brathwaite died in June, 2012.  Her body was sent to Barbados for burial, and Rihanna wanted a party, complete with tents, multi-media large screens, huge exotic floral arrangements -- the whole kit and caboodle.

But parties/funerals come at a price ... and the company that threw grandma's final shindig claims the grand total was more than $150,000, and Rihanna paid only about a quarter of that and refused to pay more.


The lawsuit claims Rihanna claimed the bill was exorbitant and she refused to pay the balance.  The funeral home claims Rihanna's demands came at a hefty price.

So far no comment from Rihanna's camp.



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Rihanna is a s*** sucking whore. I absolutely hate that bitch. I hope her career disappears ASAP.

411 days ago


I agree with Rhianna. Funeral Companies are the biggest rip offs. Everyone knows, that the price is agreed on well before the event. A quarter of 150,000 is $37,500 which is more than 3 times the normal cost of a funeral. I wouldnt pay a dime more, they see Rhianna as a Cash Cow, unless they can prove the casket was made with 14k gold or just doesnt add up or make sense. They will loose even more with this frivoulous law suit and the bad publicity which will haunt them. Rhianna has far less to lose...and Im sure she has a team of darn good lawyers to fight this.

411 days ago


People, Flying a body abroad, just for a random person can cost around $20, 000. The casket is usually shipped on commercial flight and at every stop, local police and customs have to sign it off and make sure no seal is broken with a notary. That process alone has some fees associated. I don't know how many stops a flight from NYC to Barbadoes has, but you have ton factor that in and consider that this casket most likely flew in a private plane. Add also that the body needs extra preparation when it travels to make sure it does not deteriorate due to the change in temperature... I believe this happened the summer and it's pretty hot in barbado as well. Then you have to consider that instead of hiring a local florist, she handed it all to that US-baased funeral planner who probably had to fly in the floral arrangements as well.. Now with the sound equipment and all that... If you even check Fret prices for most airlines, plus the workers wages, $150 K sounds about right to me.

411 days ago


They hiked up the charges... *smh* don't pay.

411 days ago


Not sure how these celebrities get away with these partial payments. Seems kinda common amongst them. I remember when my grandmother died, the funeral home expected a good portion of the funds or at least proof that the rest of the money will come straight to them once received.

411 days ago


Putting aside for a moment that she's oozing bucks, wouldn't there have been some sort of estimate submitted prior to engaging funeral service provider?

411 days ago


Many of the people who work in the funeral business are some of the most greedy and unscrupulous people you'll ever meet. I wouldn't be surprised if they ran the bill way up expecting that Rihanna would just pay it without question because she's rich and it was for her grandma. How's how those people think.

411 days ago


Typical of all the low life "gangsta wanna be's" of the day. They always have enough money for drinking, drugs and ho's but, can't seem to find the money to pay their bills. Low life beech. Hope she boycotts florida. We don't like or need her kind down here.

411 days ago


These funeral homes are very greedy

411 days ago


Rihanna has millions and millions of dollars. That's like us not paying a bill for $8.50..... lol I believe she paid

411 days ago


It is very easy to comment on things and not know the facts, but I have learned that there are two sides to a story. In case you don't know in the islands, once they think you have money, they will overcharge you on everything. Maybe they are taking advantage of her; just consider that for once, when you make your comments.

411 days ago


Just burn me up when it's my Time to go. These funeral home prices are ridiculous.

411 days ago


This just sounds not good. Rihanna has a lot of money, its insane that she refuse to pay the bills, especially if you look at the relationship between Rih and her Gran. They just digging for money. Smh.

411 days ago


I find it a bit odd for a liberal woman (who I'd bet she even voted for Nobama - on "the rich people are evil, except those who give ME money" platform) to casually probably pluck down $150,000 on one of her many yacht excursions, or stay in $10,000 to $25000 a night hotel suites (and paying for the entourage too), jets all over the world, and yet she's bitching about grandmas funeral? I agree the price is exhorbitant, hell if my Dad goes he's gonna have to be next to the hamster in the back yard as I couldn't afford `$15 let alone hundreds of thousands.

Still, it just seems a bit disingenous that she DEMANDS all these things and ALOT of money when she performs or just "shows up" yet when someone else wants to make a good buck she gets pissed. Reminds me of living in a small town - everyone wants a "deal" from you, but they never wan to return the favor and any work done ends up being more then they quoted or something else....sure small town people smile as they drive toward you, but they'll knife you once they pass...............

411 days ago


for da price, there was also some voodoo stuff included to get grandma back as a friggin' zombie...

411 days ago
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