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Kim & Kanye

North West's Mug

NOT For Sale

8/11/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West are passing up several million smackeroos ... because they've decided not to attach a price to priceless baby pics of North West.

The pics could fetch a cool $3 mil ... but we're told K & K have already rejected such an offer. 

Our sources says Kim and Kanye toyed with the idea of selling the pics and donating the money to charity, but decided against it.

They've decided to go one of two routes:  Either release the pics to a fancy mag like Vanity Fair, or pull a Bey/Jay Z and release a crude snap on social media.

We're hoping they can still make ends meet.



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Knucklehead and the Knut think it's a bad idea to give 3MIL to charity...better to aggrandize themselves in Vanity Fair. I swear on all that is good on earth that if Vanity Fair USA puts them in their magazine, I will cancel my subscription. It is my favorite magazine all of my adult life

446 days ago


Normally I give about two sh*ts for this pair, but the poor kid is innocent in all of this, so I will say that the smart thing for them to do is to sell rights to the first photo and donate the money to children's charities... while the baby is still fairly generic looking, as young infants tend to be.

Doing the photos early will take some pressure off, so that MAYBE the paps don't stalk the poor kid quite as much, trying to nab the first (free) photo of her when she's older and easily recognisable as K & K's kid. I guarantee that, one way or another, someone is going to get that child's photo and publish it for the world to see; K & K might as well get some money out of it, to give to charity.

446 days ago


kanye's album flopped, and the birth flopped too. nobody cares, they're not as big as they think they are. oh and only harvey and his brainless minions (stoners, flamers, fat slobs, hipsters) would push something as stupid as "baby kimye" shirt. baby with a big butt and those glasses? which douche came up with that? and what type of douche buys that?

446 days ago


It was pointed out on one of these threads by a commenter that Kim said on her show that her doctor said that she was going to have a "small" mean a low birth weight baby. Maybe her baby is not healty

some of issues related to low birth weight

low oxygen levels at birth
inability to maintain body temperature
difficulty feeding and gaining weight
breathing problems, such as respiratory distress syndrome (a respiratory disease of prematurity caused by immature lungs)
neurologic problems, such as intraventricular hemorrhage (bleeding inside the brain)
gastrointestinal problems such as necrotizing enterocolitis (a serious disease of the intestine common in premature babies)

446 days ago


Hmm something fishy about the whole thing. Most likely they wasn't offered much deals for a spread at all and the ones they were only offered them a small amount of money like less then a million. No one cares about her or her baby. Shes so delusional that she actually thought people would be sitting around waiting to see her baby but nobody cares. Everyone was excited for Kate Middleton's baby someone that is actually important not hers. Her long overdue 15mins are ending now. Websites are slowly stopping reporting on her and her family. Notice the recent stories about her sisters have suddenly come out. One of them is being cheated on and the other one cheated on her boyfriend and the child might not be his. They are leaking stories to keep people talking about them as the one who made the whole family 'famous' or infamous should I say for leaking a dirty sex tape is in hiding. Notice how none of the sisters are actually trying to stop the 'rumors' by just releasing a statement, because its them putting them out in the first place. Pathetic, sick family!

446 days ago


Well, I guess Kanye paid from his own pocket that amount to moma Kris&Kim, to not have the kids picture on the tabloids....

446 days ago


This is all Kanye's decision. You know the Kardashian's would sell those pics in a heartbeat. Kris must be freaking out. They'll still make money somehow. You wait and see. There's nothing honorable/charitable about these ppl. They're just trying to appear that way. They're the very definition of self serving.

446 days ago

Mae White    

Doubt either of those 2 has ever given a dime to charity.

446 days ago


Never mind...Kimmy already sold the box it came out of.

446 days ago


Lies, all lies. N O B O D Y has offered them $3M for pix of their kid and that must be killing them. I'll boycott any issue of any magazine that their spawn appears in.

446 days ago


Did everybody see that Harvey is going to be a guest on Kris' talk show this week? No joke.

446 days ago


This is the biggest BS story yet. They were not getting the money they wanted for the photos and kept holding out for more and it backfired on them. They said themselves that maybe some of the money may go to charity. This is way too late the kid is 2 months old.

The only offer that was ever reported was from an Australian magazine for 3 million when the baby was a couple of weeks old. Grannypimp and kimmy overplayed this as well.

They were never going to get what Joli-Pitt got for Shiloh. They were non-stop hounded by everyone for photos. They never had to go around trying to 'broker' a deal like grannypimp and kimmy had to do. They were hounded so much they finially released photos to get the ATTENTION OFF of them. Joli-Pitt got 5 million 7 years ago that went stright to charity. The photos were beautiful. They got 14 million for the twins.

Nobody was hounding kimmy for photos. They were holding out for money and to keep the ATTENTION ON them. It backfired.

446 days ago

Ozzie X    

The civilized public cares why? Does the kid look like a troll?

446 days ago


these two are exactly what is wrong with the values of people in this country. Money is not the whole universe people. It brings short lived happiness until you find another way to get into debt. Realize it.

446 days ago


That chic was miserable pregnant because she didn't want to be pregnant, she needed the attention from a pregnancy. Lets recap: she found out her look-a-like who has Reggie was prego, she needed to get in the spotlights when Klhoe was tryin to test for fertility and had to steel her thunder... She craves attention! She is a disgusting, spoiled and vain person that I can't stand even looking at. Two dumbasses spawning! Ugh. And there are so many women who genuinely want a child... Then here is this skank who needs one for attention. Disgusting. Airbrushing can't make you pretty inside!!!

446 days ago
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