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Kim Kardashian

The Big Reveal

First Pics Since Birth

8/15/2013 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
finally showed her face in public after birthing baby North West -- surfacing at an L.A. medical facility Wednesday -- and giving us a glimpse at her post pregnancy bod ... sorta.

These are the FIRST photos of Kim and Kanye West with their daughter since KK popped back in June, and everyone looks happy and healthy. Hell, even Yeezy was smiling as they walked into the doc's office ... with a nanny-assist, naturally.

No shot of North's face though ... she was fully covered in a car seat.

Mama K was all top secret too -- concealing her figure under a baggy button-down with another shirt tied around her waist and famous cheeks ... for extra coverage.

Hey, Kim knows her body is a cash cow -- and she ain't giving away the milk for free.


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She has layered her clothes like a fat suit. That's why you have Kanye smiling thinking there making a fool of all of us

405 days ago


They can't even carry their own child smh

405 days ago


Why do two able parents need a nanny? Walking around carrying a big bag, while the nanny carries the baby just proves these people are lazy, inconsiderate jerk offs.

405 days ago


Must be a heavy baby for Kim or Kayne can't carry their own kid. Lazy f#cking a##holes.

405 days ago


LOL at the hater rats, you all are funny, I guess you can't talk about her weight so you have to talk about her carrying the kid, maybe they had the nanny to carry the kid so that the idiot papz don't attack them. You people are so dumb. I will agree on one thing Harvey got this scoop, this was definitely a planned citing, and the funny thing is none of the other blogs are able to post the photos, they are posting old photos and linking people to TMZ to see these photos. LOL!!!!!

405 days ago


All I can say is "Poor Baby" and who give a crap.

405 days ago


I'm no Kim K fan, but at least she looks like a normal person here. And I think it's sad that "her bod is her cash cow" -- that's not a good long-term strategy for life.

405 days ago


They tipped the paparazzi off. Because are we really supposed to believe there was a pap just hanging out in a garage of a medical building? Hence Kanye grinning so damn much. "Oh, he's so in love and such a happy father" Ray's J's woman has truly changed him!

405 days ago


There's 2 reasons they won't show the kid:
1. Nobody is willing to pay whatever utterly ridiculous amount they want for the pic(s).
2. The poor kid got Kanye's looks!

405 days ago


Stupid Kayne should raise his stupid head before he runs into the next sign...

405 days ago


First, not sure why she's not showing herself as she is looking pretty good for having a baby 2 months ago (don't hate on me - JMO). But, that being said, who the heck takes a nanny to a drs apt? So sad that you can't do that yourself. Kanye is with you so he could carry the baby.

405 days ago


There's 2 reasons they won't show the kid:
1. Nobody is willing to pay whatever utterly ridiculous amount they want for the pic(s).
2. The poor kid got Kanye's looks!

405 days ago


Kate Middleton is a natural beauty. She has a beautiful baby boy with her husband she loves. That was the baby photo everyone was waiting for. They got all the world wide attention.The little guy was shown within 48 hours and already on the cover of LIFE and People. The photos were beautiful.

This has got to be killing kimmy. Nobody cares about or you're illigitimate (innocent) baby you're pimping out. And no, the world was never holding their breath waiting to see this kid. Still isn't.

Kimmy and West got nothing. No attention no fanfair. They only attention they get now is the attention they make for themselves.

They need to take their so overblown massive egos out of their butts and come up for some much needed 'REALITY' air. Get some serious therapy.

405 days ago


You know those pictures were staged....otherwise Kanye would have been takin' names and numbers!

405 days ago


Are you telling me these two a-holes need a nanny to take care of and carry their baby for them while out of the house? Give me a break, it's a friggin newborn (not that difficult to bring out in public!) I mean what father doesn't want to carry his newborn baby ? I guess one who's a gigantic arrogant, douche bag! I can only imagine what else the two of them don't do at home with that kid! He won't change the diapers so I'm assuming he doesn't do ****! along with her.

405 days ago
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