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Gia Allemand

Took Notes In Church

One Day Before Suicide

8/16/2013 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0814_gia_allemand_article_gettyGia Allemand turned to the church just one day before her suicide ... paying close attention to the service and even taking notes during the pastor's sermon, TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the former "Bachelor" star tell TMZ ... Gia was a practicing Christian and attended a Sunday service at her local New Orleans church on August 11.

One source close to Gia tells us the reality had been struggling recently ... "She was a Christian, but couldn't be fulfilled. She thought the world expected more from her. She put so much pressure on herself and couldn't see the love around her."

We're told Gia had been venting about her relationship with NBA player Ryan Anderson in the weeks before her death, but Gia's concerns were pretty ordinary for a couple that had been dating for more than 2 years.

Hours before she attempted to take her own life, we're told Gia went about her daily routine as if nothing was wrong ... even teaching a 1:30 pm class at an exercise studio on August 12.

Later that night, Gia's boyfriend discovered the reality star in her home after she had hanged herself. She passed away two days later.



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BB not bb    

If you are a Christian, your conscience would stop you before you could do it I think. You can't be a Christian and kill yourself. Maybe it was some kind of murder set up to look like a suicide. If she was so happy and living such an ordinary life, why would she do this suddenly?

Lots of people are frustrated with life but they don't kill themselves. Why would she feel that hopeless? I don't see how that is possible. If she was meditating on God's word, she should have found some sort of answer, not this solution.

431 days ago


You know what?! I would hang myself too, if I didn't believe in reincarnation, and you dont just come right back to re-learn what you didn't learn in this life. It's all a bunch of BS if you ask me!

431 days ago


this is so a white american douchy childish male will drive a person nuts .. they live to hate women and everything on this planet..!!!!
day in and day out bunch of loser guys sit and critique women and lie constantly......what real man does that? sure now he's gonna claim that he loved her so much bla bla bla ...always said this: never lead a person on.. tell them the truth from day one and no game playing, people should learn to have compassion...condolences to her family....

431 days ago


FU spammers

431 days ago


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The sad thing is that some people who truly want to commit suicide give no warning... It's as if it's part of their daily routine and they just go about their day doing what they usually do and then ... they kill themselves... Nobody knows why or even how they could do this. This is how my daughter's best friend took her life... I can't even tell you the devastation she caused to her parents, family and her friends... They were so close and even my daughter didn't see it coming, my daughter will never be the same.
Please , if you can't take it anymore ...

please get help... Your family, friends love you so very much, even if it doesn't feel like that to you right now... They do love you...

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

431 days ago


431 days ago


Sounds fishy to me.

431 days ago


She got what she wanted. SAD

431 days ago


I m always saddened when someone who seems on the surface to be a nice human dies. I am however confused. As a practicing Christian she would have known that suicide is mortal sin and she has lost her chance at entering the promise land. As a practicing Christian would know that this damns her soul to an eternity of suffering for throwing away Gods gift of life. This is where I am at a loss to understand. But I did not know the young lady and can only offer my sympathies to her friends and family.

431 days ago


I keep wondering if she "attempted" to hang herself knowing the her boyfriend was coming home any minute and would save her and in turn "save" their relationship (several reports say their were having issues). Then, unfortunately, he came home a minute too late and her attempt was successful. Either way it is still a tragedy. Those who knew her say she was a genuine sweetheart.

431 days ago

train wreck    

attending church makes me suicidal too.

431 days ago

Elizabeth Alan    

Maybe she had BPD. And even if your are Christian, and commit suicide God forgives you. God does not hold those sick mentally or physically accountable for their actions. Leave Judgement to God and stop second guessing Him! Christians sins are covered via Christs blood upon repentance and she could have been very repentant during her last thoughts as well.

431 days ago

Jericho Morton    

He created you sick and commanded you to be well. To ensure you knew you were sick he tempted HER with a fruit tree! Then all were condemned for eternity. Then, he 'created a son/miasma/half-him parthogen, sent him to the most ignorant, illiterate, barbaric, stony and oil free area of the bronze-age middle east, to be slaughtered in the most repellent way, as a blood-sacrifice so Christians don't have to worry about their actions here, just so he could forgive himself. And all subsequent revelations took place in the same neighbourhood! He didn't send him to China, where we could already read. No. I mean, why would she kill herself with such a wonderful story to back her up.

431 days ago


her friend Loredana doesn't look like model anymore; here is more info and pictures of her from when she was hot

431 days ago


A guy that I worked with many years ago committed suicide. In the days beforehand, people commented that they had never seen him so happy. After he killed himself, it was apparent that he had his plan in place, he was committed to following through, and that somehow took a tremendous amount of pressure off him.

I keep hearing that Gia was so happy before she killed herself. It's most likely that she had this planned and knew what she was going to do for at least a short time before she did it.

I don't believe anything could have stopped either one of these people because their minds where made up and they didn't tell anyone what their plan was ...

431 days ago
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