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You Be the Judge

8/17/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kendrick Lamar called mainstream rap on the carpet this week ... and it's clearly pissed off Diddy and his cohorts.  Meanwhile more professional athletes are coming out of the closet.  So we gotta ask ...


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No, I'm not trying to make $80 per hour, or find a black dude, and I'm not desperate to hump on some rich guy. I just want TMZ to get rid of all the cheap-ass stupid SPAM so I can read real comments.

370 days ago


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370 days ago


I'm pretty neutral on the whole Kardashian brand. i've never watched their shows, however, I am Team Kim on this one. She is absolutely correct about Katie. Why be fake? If she wasn't a fan, friend or an industry colleague of Kim and Kanye, she should not have sent a gift and a note card. They didn't ask for it and have more than enough money to sustain themselves and their child. I didn't send anything and plenty of others in the industry did not as well. Katie's move was classic Hollywood tomfoolery. Good for you, Kim.

370 days ago


The big be is hiding behind his privets because he's a girl

370 days ago


Wow. I voted against the majority on all but two poll questions.



370 days ago


Just another rich dork still trying to find himself...

370 days ago


rap sucks. period.

370 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

The rap being better now or in the 1990's doesnt effect most TMZ veiwers but, to those it does todays rap music is commercial intentionally! The only reason why is slacking is labels havent got the right judges of talent, they need old blood not new, the younger genration has NO CLUE what hip hop is, meaning the truth, they are very talented and smarter than us older cats in terms of getting $ but, we knew how to get classic songs! When was the last time a artist took a chance creatively in hip hop. Heck you cant even call this music hip hop, its rap! The real good music is NEVER heard and when it is, its not promoted. Labels are trying to lessen the impact of the music! Its a set and sadly the younger genration will NEVER see another De La Soul or Public Enemy or LL Cool J, because its not about being great and then making money if good enough or great, its about making $ only and when music is about $, it loses its truth and humans relate to truth, not lies. This is why the music game suffers, to many shareholders concerned with the result and not what gets you the results, no good music, continued decline is sales. If I had 1 year at a label, I could turn it around, its simple labels, stop signing images, sign talented people like Biggie was, would he get a deal these days or be indy? You guessed right, he'd be indy cause labels sell images only and crap pop/r&b like Rihnanna who cant sing are harming music, and soon the damage will be irretrievable!

370 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

Kim K being upset I dont get, everyone wont like or love you. The best you can do is NOT GIVE ENERGY TO IT PERIOD! Letting Katie know you had issue, tells her she got to you and you care what she thinks. If I had a dime for every time I was talked about and didnt respond, Id be a billionaire! People are ALL phony in a way, whats good is, she thought enough to say congrats despite here differences with Kim, you either take the high road or without knowing lower yourself to the level of a person who THOUGHT THEY WERE ABOVE YOU! Takes wisdom to get what Im saying! Let people hate or dislike you, allow them to say as they feel cause no matter what you say, they will ALWAYS feel the same anyway, live your LIFE like its GOLDEN! Give no energy to anyone whose negative and then they are defeated!

370 days ago

Fred Farkel    

And young females around the world continue to worship that Beiber thing??

370 days ago


Sam Kinison said it best: Buying rap is like taking a ten dollar bill out of your wallet and wiping your ass with it.

370 days ago


"Rap has gone soft" oh shut up rap isn't defined by hardness. Hicks.

369 days ago


Harvey Levin is a race baiting mutha****ha! And charles is worse (to think I ever had any respect for the greedy troll!?) Glad I stuck to my week off of TMZ. Seriously, if you think you're addicted, just get through the first day. When you come back, you will realize this site just plays on your base emotions. And its petty and dangerous.

369 days ago



369 days ago


Diddy? Seriously, Is diddy even relevant any more? Was he ever?

369 days ago
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