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'The Calling' Singer

Suspicious Injuries

It's Not a Hoax, I Swear!!!

8/19/2013 12:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Calling
singer Alex Band has released photos of the injuries he allegedly sustained during a violent abduction Sunday morning in Michigan ... but let's be honest ... they don't paint a picture of a "near-death" encounter.

Alex's publicist tells TMZ ...  the singer suffered a fractured lower spine, 15 stitches to the lower chin, 3 broken teeth and is bruised on his side and stomach from a beating that occurred after Band was snatched off a Lapeer, Michigan street by mysterious people in a van.


According to the rep, the only reason Alex escaped with his life is because his captors took mercy on him for having a baby on the way. The rep says Alex told them, "Don't kill me as I am about to be a dad," and the captors responded, "We don't kill fathers." It's like something out of a bad movie.

As we first reported, police are investigating the incident ... but we've tried multiple times to get someone from the PD on the phone and they're stonewalling it.

And get this ... Alex's PR team just announced The Calling's big comeback.  Coincidence?

Even though it smells fishy, Band is sticking by his story, insisting, "I was near death due to this unbelievable situation and the rumors are categorically false and not a hoax as reported.”


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Dead account Delete at will    

Surprised its not a Disney Princess Band Aid

407 days ago


Hmm, no obvious swelling, stiches only needed in a location that is easy to hide a scar (chin, under beard)... no obvious defensive wounds on hands, the lips/mouth aren't swollen yet he is pointing out they (or is it his teeth?) were injured. And he was conveniently found by his band manager.

407 days ago


The story as he tells it is absolutely fake... but I haven't decided yet if it is completely made up or if he is covering up a drug deal gone bad.

407 days ago

Ozzie X    

It looks like he just fell on his face after a drunken stupper.

407 days ago


TMZ got trolled by some ****ty by band trying to make a comeback. When I saw the word Comeback mentioned on another article, i knew it was all a hoax. TMZ took the bait, and ran with it. Feeling gulliable yet?

407 days ago


"the singer suffered a fractured lower spine" but he is up walking around posting pictures of his other boo boo's. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. One would think a "fractured lower spine" would at least require a wheelchair and some bed rest. Must be a miracle. Watch out Kanye clearly this guy is the real Yeezus!

407 days ago


I guess anything can happen anywhere, but I live about 15 miles from Lapeer, Michigan. Nothing happens in that town. It sounds very fishy to me.

407 days ago


This seems totally fake. I call major b.s. on this.

407 days ago


the captor responds "we don't kill fathers"
this guy has a knack for storytelling.. talk about details

407 days ago


as crazy as this sounds i believe them. you see i had an ex who played in a band and they toured across the states and get this .. guys who date groupieswill get Jealous of the band and dudes get crazy and they will gang up on musicians i hate to say.. cause there girl loves them.. generally they are really young dudes who do not think of the guy up on stage singing has a life or a family. i have seen it.. some times if i was not around the guys would be all freaky around the guys singing and then when they see a girl with the singer it changes it for them.. and the groupie does not get it..the groupie thinks they will still get the singer or who ever is in the band even after seeing the person they are with in real life. most of the time the groupie is left out and other times the groupie will get others to gang up on the girl friend or wife or partner. i had that happen a lot in bathrooms.. and it was not uncommon for me to go with a bouncer or security of the building to the bathroom they would clear it out for me and make sure no one went in while i was in there..and knowing this band was on tour any of those things happened.. groupies scope out the hotel that the band is playing and will show up and hang out just to get a look at them.. and this dude went to the store and i bet met up with them started talking and they i bet offered him something like pot or other drugs and said its in the van and before you know it this dude is beat the crap up.. it does happen only it does not make it on TMZ my touring days and hay days of touring are over.. divorced the musician cause he was a whore. he use to go with the groupies when i was not around funny i had a real job and i only could go out with the band every few weeks.. i would fly in and stay for four days and then fly home.. to care for the family we had.. i am happy to say i am remarried to a wonderful man who does not travel at all unless i am with him he is also not in any band or sing or anything like that.. the movie Almost Famous is great it really does look like that on the road.. i know i lived it.. for 10 yrs. groupies are insane some of them. and wives and girlfriends and partners are different from groupies. he and his pal use to say to me .. they liked me cause they met me out side of there work area.. we met in real life. so i was different.

407 days ago


"he's bleeding all over the place"?? ... or he's just too drunk to walk straight ? (I'm from Europe, sorry for my english :/)

407 days ago


3 broken teeth? They must have punched him in his back teeth, I guess.

407 days ago


As someone who has ****tered her L4 and broke her L3 you do not just walk around after. Even if it's just a fracture no doctor would give permission to just walk around. If he did go against doctors orders that means his insurance is not at all responsible for paying any percent of his care. I call this story over fabricated to say the least.

407 days ago

Bob DaMahn    

Come on anyone with common sense knows what really happened... He was out looking for drugs or a prostitute and got rolled and slapped down. Haters in 3...2....1.... proceed to hit the hate button^^

407 days ago


Looks like he bit his lip.. Big Deal.. He needs to quit lying. Makes real attack victims look bad.

407 days ago
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