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Robin Thicke's Wife

NOT Mad at Miley Cyrus

For Molesting Hubby At VMAs

8/26/2013 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robin Thicke ain't exactly in the dog house with his wife after allowing Miley Cyrus to dry hump him in front of millions of people at the MTV VMAs ... in fact, she couldn't be cooler about it.

Sources close to Robin's wife Paula Patton tell us she was all good with Miley touching Robin's crotch and kissing his neck during MTV's Video Music Awards ... despite reports that she went ballistic following the performance.

We're told Paula knew the performance wasn't gonna be G-Rated because there were "tons of rehearsals" before the show ... and there were no surprises during the performance.

Plus, she already let him kick it with all those naked hot chicks in the "Blurred Lines" video ... so you know she's got the stomach to watch her hubby in a super-sexually charged situation with another woman.

Robin -- you're a lucky man.



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The entire thing was a disgrace. Robin didn't sing well, and poor Miley... As we say in Georgia, "Bless her heart."

389 days ago

Heartless in La    

Everyone wants to make a big deal about Miley's actions, what about robin or TI. Yes she was disgusting, but so where they and those of you who haven't listened to the song lyrics, might want to do so. Either she is acting out or maybe this is the way she is now. Either way, anyone that has listened to any of her new music can see that she is not the wholesome "Hannah Montana" she once played on tv. She is 20. I didn't hear all this outcry when it was Madonna or Brittany spears kissing on the VMA'S. What about lady gaga and her sea shell bikini or Adam Lambert kissing another dude with whips and chains

389 days ago

That's funny

389 days ago


Miley looked like a little boy, she is now offically a piggly wiggly tramp. Robin Thick should not have played along, he's just a bad, and if his wife thinks it's ok, then she's a tramp too......

389 days ago


It's sad what "artists" will resort to in order to get record sells. That's clearly what she cares about, not making substantial music. It'll be interesting to see what she has to say about this in 10 years when she realizes how pathetic her gimmick is.

389 days ago


Miley's an ugly slut what's there to be mad at

389 days ago


That mouse looking scuzzie needs to put that cheese eating toying back in her mouf. She must not have gotten the memo that she's not Rhianna.

389 days ago


Of course she's not worried, he's going home to a hot black wife....not that little white trash twit.

389 days ago


What is Robin Thicke thinking? Being seen with that young boy....... oh... what.... that's a girl? My bad and her's too.

389 days ago


She's just a lost case Shut Dancing Life:-P

389 days ago


No, hes not lucky, this was not a good move on his part participating in that classless mess. What she did is completely repulsive. Dont nobody wanna look at that, she looks like justin beiber with a bra and lipstick on

389 days ago


One of the biggest attention seeking ho's I've ever seen.

389 days ago


the question is, what does mileys boyfriend LIAM think about it???

389 days ago

jae kae    

Get help Miley. I understand all young pop starlets need to freak out and try to show the world how grown up they are when they come of age... but this is just sad to watch. You just made a total ass out of yourself in front of the entire world. It wasn't even edgy and racy, it was sloppy, gross and it reminded me of a little kid running around trying to bend over backwards (literally) just to get everyone to look at them. Molly's a helluva drug.

389 days ago

I'm A Lawyer    

What's with the stupid tongue? Gene Simmons wants his gimmick back.

389 days ago
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