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Michael Douglas


After Separating From Catherine Zeta-Jones

8/30/2013 7:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0830_michael-douglas_SplashSportin' a fresh suit, some fancy shoes and a bachelor mind-set, Michael Douglas caught a flight in France yesterday ... just days after reports surfaced that he separated from his wife.

68-year-old Douglas and 43-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones haven't been photographed together since April -- fueling speculation the two are calling it quits on their 13-year marriage.

As for Catherine, she's reportedly been hangin' in New York with the couple's 2 kids.

No word on where Douglas was headed yesterday -- but that's a pimp suit, right?



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can you blame a girl for not wanting to be with an old wrinkled man when you are still beautiful? i'm guessing one day she saw him naked, and said to herself, "that is really f******* gross, WTF has become of my life??

383 days ago

She's baaaack    

He stuck with her for a long time after her HPV gave him throat cancer too. He's a pretty nice guy.

383 days ago


Douglas and Jones have had some serious challenges in the last couple of years. Douglas son is sitting in prison for drug dealing. Douglas brother dies of a drug overdoes as well. Douglas had cancer. Jones is dealing with mental health issues. Douglas ex wife sued on some bogus claims. She lost. I'm pretty sure Douglas is helping to care for his aging father, Kirk. All of this while dealing with Hollywood b.s. and raising two young children. I would need a break too.

383 days ago


He is a dumbass for ever saying he got cancer from oral sex while married to her! I hope she told his nasty ass to leave! Also Why are so many people making fun of being bipolar, that's horrible. She didn't ask for it, I feel sad for people that have to go thru that! And anyone can snap,so all be careful what you say! That's why I love Karma! It will come back around!

383 days ago

1 opinion    

TMZ: Thank YOU!!!! 👍

383 days ago


That's just wrong, brown shoes with a grey suit

383 days ago


Marriages have their "UPS & DOWNS" and the separation may have been a "MUTUAL AGREEMENT"!!! Katherine Zeta-Jones may have felt "SMOTHERED" living with a man who's used to having "HIS WAY" with little or no leeway for negotiation. Dealing with family, health and career issues probably drove them apart which doesn't mean they won't "RECONCILE"!!!

383 days ago


How retarded for a long term smoker to blame his throat cancer on oral sex. Didn't he initially blame it on the stress his son caused him? YOUR SMOKING GAVE YOU CANCER!!! I would bet Catherine doesn't even have HPV and that he caught it from someone else, and that's why they are divorcing.

383 days ago


What an ass Michael, u sint no Kirk.

383 days ago


Aint You aint no kirk

383 days ago


Michael Douglas is still such a handsome man. Back in his *Streets Of San Francisco* days he was so sizzling hot that he was untouchable.He was so handsome. I do hope that he and Catherine work their issues out because he is a stud and she is a bombshell:) J/K but they were a very nice looking seemingly happy couple who were gorgeous together!

383 days ago

Lily Daisy    

There were probably too many negatives for their marriage to survive. First off, someone with bi polar is extremely difficult to live with, checked or not. Then you have Michael who seems to always choose extreme sex roles, not to mention his stressful tone with cancer, and all that goes with it. Lastly, you have a bad apple in the family who doesn't care whose family members he hurts because he still pushes drugs in prison. And, Michael seems to be the conduit for Cameron to keep destroying things in Michael's new family. Catherine is better off without him, if that's the case.

383 days ago


Maybe now she can get back some of the life he drained out of her. With a man like this, no woman can end up happy and healthy. He is rich trash.

382 days ago


It looks like he is a bad guy for not being there for her when she is not well. The truth is, she has been bi polar for most of her life and he has been there for her for last 13 years. I have lived with a bi polar person and have to say that if I had to live with him again, I would choose to die. Living with people like that means being verbally abused on a daily basis and nobody deserves that. Some people get verbally abused once when young, and that ruins their entire adult life. Also, I believe that bi polar could be healed holistically, because all bi polars I know had deep wounds from childhood. Meds cover the traumas only.

381 days ago
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