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Allen Iverson's Ex-Wife

I Want $1.2 MILLION


8/31/2013 12:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Allen Iverson's ex-wife is sick and tired of dragging him to court to squeeze out child support ... she's asking a judge to make him cough up the next 13 years worth RIGHT NOW -- a cool $1.2 MILLION.

TMZ broke the story ... after the couple's nasty divorce Iverson was ordered to pay $8000/month in child support for their 5 kids. Problem is, Tawanna has gone to court on numerous occasions because A.I. won't pay.

It came to a head in July when a judge threatened Iverson with jail, unless he forked over $40,000 in back support -- which he did. But Tawanna says she doesn't want to keep running into the same problem.

On August 1st she filed docs asking a judge to make A.I. cover ALL the support through October 2026 (when their youngest turns 18). After the math, it comes to $1,272,000 ... which Tawanna wants put in a trust for the children.

A court has yet to rule.

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Rush Limbaugh    

Allen Iverson's Lawyers were Smart. They put like 25 million dollars in a trust fund that he can't touch until he's like 50. I'm sure by then, he'll probably be in debt and have to pay it all back. They said that Allen Iverson use to take care of 50 people. Paying their Mortgage, Car payments, etc. What a bunch of loser leaches.

415 days ago


That's not how it works, The State intentionally sets it high knowing arrears will collect interest.

415 days ago


She's tired of going after his money haha Clearly she must not feel any financial liability to support her own children as well .She has lived off his money for quite some time and now he's broke. Get a job

415 days ago


Get a job stop depending on a man to care for you its called child support its for the child not lazy bitches who want a handout

415 days ago

LaKeisha Jackson    

That bug-eyed fool couldn't raise $1.2 million dollars if you gave him a hundred thousand dollars per IQ point.

415 days ago

SpitHot Fyah!    

If I can raise my kids on a small portion of 70K a year, she doesn't deserve that much money. Point and case, it's not child support, it's ex support. That statement may upset women, but it's the truth...most of the time the point of pursuing is for their own well being, not the kids.

415 days ago


you know she's getting half of his 30 million dollar reebok trust fund..which he can't touch until 2030 when he's 55..he spends 10,000 a month on clothes, 10,000 on groceries, and jewelry which owed over 800,000 for..i watched him play for years in philadelphia great player should be in the hall of fame but it's a long shot..but financially i do not feel sorry for him..after looking at his spending it makes me wanna fight him..

414 days ago


She doesn't need 8000 a month for those kids, and that 1.2 million is to help her to keep living lavishly. I hate these women that do **** like that, a lot of them get married and have these kids for those same reasons, and the law is not any better because they keep allowing the **** to happen. A.I. should do what 50cent did and get the judge to take that child support cost down since she is being greedy.

414 days ago


Nice try! You're forgetting to subtract the money for the ones that will be well over 18 in 13 years. Besides you will prob blow that money in a year or two then crying about more money.

414 days ago


Allen, what the hell were u thinking??! That is one DAMN ugly woman! Holy cow!! Wow! You have all that $$$ and you marry this beast??! Allen, you are a fool!

414 days ago


I really done understand some of u people on here. On average 1 child cost like 200,000 dollars over the course of 18 years and they have FIVE KIDS and y'all are mad because she is askin for child support that he's supposed to pay in the first place? I'm not getting how that makes her bad person.all five of those kids are going to need cars,education, etc gtfoh with this gold diggin bull****

414 days ago

Mrs Jackson    

That ugly bitch needs to get a damn job

414 days ago


Why would any woman continue having children bringing them into a marriage that is not working?
So now she needs outrageous child support and will probably never work a day in her life.

414 days ago


He does have the money people, but not because he was savvy with it. A dear friend of Iverson put away 36 Million dollars in a secret bank account without Iverson knowing.(I know, How the **** do you not know that?) Also Iverson can't touch it until he's 65 unless there's reasonable cause to do so. ie...Emergency!

414 days ago


Sounds like a smart move to me. It will cost them that much just on attorney fees long before the last child is 18. Bitter Ex's stop making lawyers über rich because you refuse to do right for your children. He was responsible as well as she is in having five children. If it's being put in a trust for the children then clearly she's not just doing it to support herself,she just wants the children to have what they deserve from his support payments. Sounds like one of the best ideas I have heard in years.

413 days ago
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