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Bieber N-Word Hoax


... Says Bieb-alike Singer

9/8/2013 12:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The R&B singer who actually said the N-word in a song many people confused for a Justin Bieber track tells TMZ ... he's NOT to blame for the hoax ... but he thinks he knows who did it.

As we previously reported, several media outlets fell for a lame YouTube hoax this week ... when someone created a bogus "official" Justin Bieber account and posted a song in which the singer dropped the N-Word.

Turns out the song was actually a track by a singer named Khalil Underwood ... an aspiring R&B singer, who happens to be black (which explains the casual n-bomb in the song).

After the hoax, several people pointed the finger at Underwood ... claiming he operated the scheme in a shameless attempt to gain publicity.

But Underwood tells TMZ ... that simply ain't the case -- he's just an innocent bystander who was roped in to the hoax because he happens to sound like Bieber.

In fact, Underwood says he thinks the real perpatrators are Beliebers who truly believed the song was a Justin original and tried to "leak" it on YouTube.

Underwood says the funny part .. Beliebers were saying they liked the song when they thought it was a JB original, and when they learned the truth, they changed their minds.

Still, he's keeping a positive attitude ... telling us, "It’s good to know if I was as big as Justin Bieber people would like my music."


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I don't think anyone should use the N word, just sayin.

410 days ago


ARRRGHHH I can't stand that stupid ****ing face he makes on every picture, please someone punch him on that stupid face. How I would love to get one shot at wiping that idiotic "smile" off that lil bitch's face.

410 days ago


****in queers!

410 days ago


^_^ I'm so happy to see Justin rich, famous, and loved by millions. He deserves it for being a self taught musician writing inspiring songs that has saved people from committing suicide. 🔵So much respect for Justin it's crazy. He never lashes out at haters he just owns them with his lyrics. Justin's gorgeous he was blessed, and a lot of women worship the ground he walks on, that's why mainly guys hate. ◾That and uneducated morons think him hitting puberty late determines he is gay. But mainly people are so desperate to fit in its sad they'll do anything even if it means degrading some innocent person they don't even know. 🔷People try and convince themselves Justin is a prick, but really he acts like an average 19 year old guy tbh. Hate may win some battles, but love wins in the end, and ✔Justin is a GREAT example of why that phrase is true. People think just because he has been in some trouble, he fading um no his Beliebers are loyal as ever 45 million strong. When someone hacked Justin's account over 1⃣,0⃣0⃣0⃣ calls were made to the police. When that paparazzi harassed & shoved Justin Beliebers surrounded his house and he had to call the cops because he was scared. Justin's pretty face only got him so far, he has talent accept it. 🔴None of u haters would do anything if u were face to face with him so stop trying to act hard over the Internet. Just because he sags and wears chains doesn't mean he is a poser, it just means he loves that style. 🌏The world would be a much better place if people weren't so close minded. Also if u think Justin spat on his fans to disrespect them that just shows how little u know about him.

410 days ago


Really they say he's black that explains why he dropped the n-bomb?! TF! That's straight up racist. -.-

410 days ago


Honestly I'm offended TMZ that you associate being black with casual N word use. You should know better than to display such stupidity to the diverse visitors that visit your site. This should not be condoned by anyone.

410 days ago


I don't think JB is gay, but I would personally pay to watch him and this Underwood kid have sex, they both look f**king hot!!!

410 days ago
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