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Jane Lynch

Estranged Wife Says

I Want More Money!

9/9/2013 10:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jane Lynch
and Dr. Lara Embry's "amicable" divorce just turned "unfriendly" ... because Embry is making a full-court press for Jane's bank accounts -- to the tune of $93,809 a month in spousal support!

In new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Embry says for the last 3 years, Jane's average monthly income has been $234,688.  Embry also says when she married Lynch, Jane told her she had $400,000 in her savings and 401K combined, and owned her home.

Embry says of her "Glee" wife, "Her income, investments and assets increased dramatically with her newfound acting success." 

Embry -- who says she wants Jane to support her in the lifestyle to which she gladly became accustomed -- says during their marriage Jane paid for everything, including lavish vacations.

Embry says she and Jane typically racked up $40k a month on their credit cards.

According to Embry's docs, she currently earns pennies, but still spends in the neighborhood of $40,900 per month -- including an average of $6,500 on clothes, $12,000 on entertainment/gifts/vacation, and $4,500 on eating out (hehe).

Sources tell us ... Jane is already providing Embry with support.  In fact, Embry and her daughter are living in the house Jane bought and Jane temporarily moved elsewhere.  But the house is a big sticking point.  Embry says they sunk $3 mil into the house for renovations and from the docs it seems she either wants the house or a 50% cut.

Sources tell us the couple did not have a prenup, which means assets acquired during the marriage will probably be split 50/50.

Jane filed to end her three-year marriage to Lara in July, citing "irreconcilable differences." The two first met in 2009 at a fundraiser in San Francisco. They were married a year later in Massachusetts.

Jane said recently the financial negotiations have been friendly, adding, "It's just money."  Right.



No Avatar


Welcome to the marriage game...

318 days ago


You want more money? Get a job.

318 days ago


Get a job, Doc.

318 days ago


Get a job! $96,000. per month? I'd like that too, but it's not going to happen!

318 days ago


"Eating out"?? Really TMZ?! What blatant homophobia

318 days ago

al baby    

Im must be a real sicko But id love to bone Jane Lynch i find her strangely attractive And yes im a dude

318 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

Bet she now hates gay marriage!! It's all fun and games till your beotch wants 1/2!

318 days ago


Gold digging Bitch.

318 days ago


So lame of a doctor to behave in this way.

318 days ago

Trooper Tom    

"According to Embry's docs, she currently earns pennies, but still spends in the neighborhood of $40,900 per month -- including an average of $6,500 on clothes, $12,000 on entertainment/gifts/vacation, and $4,500 on eating out"

The judge should look at that statement and tell this woman she needs to get a job to support that kind of spending

318 days ago

Jeff Becker    

So the gays want to be equal? Welcome to the joys of equality! lol. You had the best of both worlds and now you have to live in the hell that has been only known to heterosexuals:)

318 days ago


ok 50/50 but they were only married 3 years. She was employed before the marriage. Greedy, bitter, golddigger, no self respect ?

318 days ago


Still want to get married gay people lol, that,s **** up is her money she earn that money because of her talent and now her partner wants more ain't that a bitch

318 days ago


Gay or straight, this is what happens when you marry with no prenup. Enjoy equality. Shoulda just stayed f**k friends..

318 days ago


Embry...ur life isn't her life! Get a job, Get a life, Get ur own money, Get someone else....just GET away. U want a life that u can't afford on ur own so u want someone to pay for it. Ur a grown azz woman who shared a relationship with someone who had access to a nice living...they shared it with you...and now its ova. Wake up and, get a job like you had before you met jane...sorry u can't stay at the bev hotel any longer but expedia has some great take care of ur kid before this sh** backfires. Ur kid shld be nmbr one priority...cow

318 days ago
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