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George Zimmerman Fight

Turf War Over Rented Home

9/10/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Zimmerman
allegedly punched his estranged wife's father during a childish dispute over who had the right to be in the house -- the renter or the owner, aka George or his daddy-in-law ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Zimmerman tell us, George and his estranged wife Shellie Zimmerman have been renting a home from her parents, but ever since she filed for divorce they've been avoiding each other like the plague -- scheduling house visits ahead of time to keep the peace.

Must've been a snafu in scheduling -- because we're told George showed up Monday AM to remove some things, and ran into Shellie and her dad.

We're told the argument erupted when Pops declared it was his house, and George replied that he was paying rent ... and had every right to be there. The spat ended when Zimmerman allegedly punched Shellie's dad in the face.

Complicating matters was the fact George brought his new girlfriend with him. We're told she was waiting in his car while he went inside, and didn't get out until police arrived.

At the end of Shellie's 911 call you can hear her say, "There's a woman in there. Oh my god."

As for the identity of George's gf -- we're told she appears to be someone new ... NOT George's ex-fiancée, despite what reports are saying.




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PLEASE PLEASE let his wife get a restraining order. Then maybe this jackwad's guns will be taken away! Moron doesn't need to be within 100 feet of any weapons!!

410 days ago

all about the money    

WAIT A MINUTE...isn't she trying to use defense fund monies to pay for her rent as part of the divorce? To pay rent to her father for her fathers house?

410 days ago


GZ is a boss. Step to him, he'll blast you in the street. Talk smack to him and you'll get smacked in the face. GZ does what the rest of you are too scared to do.

410 days ago




410 days ago


You mean he got violent with someone who is not black?! I'm shocked. Judging by the media's reporting of this man, you would think he only goes after the blacks, since he's a huge racist and all. We all know how those white-Hispanics are!! lol (sarcasm)!

410 days ago

nadja c    

I think GOD will pass judgement. But I also think this is a stunt to make sure they have money after the trail is over. She is just acting like they are getting a divorce because no one will hire them. They will be back together when it's all Said and done

410 days ago


turned out she was not telling the truth. there was mutual pushing, no punching, no threatening with a gun. in fact he didn't have a gun on him. when the police told her that and reminded her that his body guard was also there, she and her father recanted.

410 days ago


Gee TMZ CYA much. Just admit that you jumped the gun(pun intended)like so many others and reported he was there with gun when it has been reported since late last night by the POLICE that he did not have a gun and that no gun was found. Also now the police think she is the one that was in the wrong due to a pre set schedule that she did not adhere to not him.
Well it did give Lamar Odom a break for 2 or 3 stories it seems though.

410 days ago


Its already been announced by the police that GZ never had a gun on him. His estranged wife admitted to cops she never saw him holding a gun. Paramedics on scene did not find any visible injuries on her father and so he was not treated. GZ urged police to look at the security footage. Police are now questioning the estranged wife's statements. Go ahead and read, even the huffington post is reporting it...... You people are trying really hard but failing miserably, just like with the Trayvon incident. Move on with your lives.

410 days ago


this idiot seems to be his own worst enemy, has he never heard of laying low and getting on with life? instead he insists on pushing the law at every opportunity.

410 days ago


Bitter woman makes up stories. What a shock. TMZ totally falls for it. What a shock. Obama dupe voters totally fall for it. What a shock.

410 days ago


By now, Zimmerman probably believes truly that he's innocent. He brought a girl to the house his father in law owns and where his wife lives? What a colossally idiotic thing to do. One needs quite an ego to do that. One needs quite an ego and/or guilty conscience to DO ANYTHING that call for police intervention. His ego will eventually betray him. He's too weak and dumb and headstrong to resist and he will kill again.

410 days ago


His ex looks just like George in a wig.

410 days ago


The report forgot to show the picture of the wife as a little girl.

410 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Of course this POS thought he could get away with punching out his father-in-law. He killed an unarmed black kid and got off scott free. This guy has had more encourters with the cops in the last couple of months than I have had in my entire life.

410 days ago
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