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Lamar Odom

Group Therapy

At Apt Building with Fans

9/10/2013 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
is getting a ton of support from fans in downtown L.A. ... where he kept up his strange nocturnal movements Monday night.

We spotted Lamar in his black track suit just after 10 PM in the the lobby of the apartment building where he's now living -- and he was posing for photos with several fans.

Lamar posed for photos with at least 3 fans -- including a middle-aged woman and her family -- before making an exit through the building's parking garage.

Lamar's been seen multiple times in the last few days wandering near the building late at night -- and sure isn't, outwardly anyway, acting like a guy in the grips of a serious crack addiction.

Not to mention being right on the verge of destroying his NBA career, and his marriage to Khloe Kardashian.

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No Avatar


Holly crap batman he dose look like a crackhead

407 days ago


Khloe is the one still smoking the rock . She is dropping weight like someone on crack lol
& b4 Rob blew up like a beached whale. He was smoking it also . lol
& lets not 4get about the big blow head Scott lol

407 days ago


Lamar will be fine :)
Soon as he legally gets away fm that family .

407 days ago


he will survive this and bcome a betta man. jus give him time and space

407 days ago


If I were a Gam in any team I wouldnt touch pookey with a ten foot pole!!

407 days ago


If I were a GM, sorry

407 days ago


Kris Jenner is a ruthless fame seeking woman. Think about this, there has been several celebrity sex tapes that have been court ordered to never see the light of day, think about that. Our story begins! Out of nowhere this dark haired exotic beauty, daughter of deceased attorney Robert Kardashian who gained national recognition as OJ Simpson’s friend and defense attorney on the legal dream team starts showing up on the red carpets as a Paris Hilton BFF.
Suddenly there’s a media blitz concerning a Kim Kardashian sex tape, who is Kim Kardashian the public asks. Well, the media blitz let the world know who she was. After months of back and forth posturing in the press and a 5 million dollar settlement with Vivid Entertainment the Kim K Superstar sex tape hit the shelves.
Six short months after the sex tape was released the first season of Keeping up with the Kardashians debuted…..coincidence…..I think not!
As far as Lamar Odom knowing Kardashian family secrets. One secret isn't hard to figure out. Google search Khloe Kardashian and Alex Roldan then look at the pictures. Ask yourself why Roldan has an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that makes him liable
for $30 million if he ever talks to the press.
One of Kris Jenner’s children is bound to go Mommy Dearest on her one day!

407 days ago


he clearly does not want to be khloe at all. he avoids her , keeps her in the dark of his whereabouts and runs away from her fast when and if he sees her.

lamra needs to file for divorce becuase we know khloe wont cus her 11 million net worth is not enough for her to move on and find a man she wants. surely khloe does not still want lamars crack baby .. well maybe she does cus that would guarante her 18 years child support. if she divorce now with him not cheating she gets nothing with no kids in her renup. i could see her beg for sex in hope to have his crack baby... a LADY with that much money of her own would have filed divorced papers on lamar months ago.

407 days ago


You know....who give a crap what Lamar does? Let him fry his brain and the entire Kartrashian clan. I suspect all of this was part of the script anyway.

How much are you being paid to promote it?

407 days ago


Being awake and mobile at 10p isn't exactly a "strange nocturnal habit" and crack heads don't take the time to pose with and get close to fans.

TMZ is just more pathetic every day.

407 days ago

Stephen Park    

as many have said, all this sounds too weird, no actual proof or pics or anything of LO looking or acting high, just some "sources" hhhhmmmm

407 days ago

Sockie Mom    

Ummm... That's what crackheads do - wander the streets at night. 'Cause they're all coked up and there is no sleep with that. So....yeah.

407 days ago

Peter Popoff    

Wandering the streets tho

407 days ago

She's baaaack    

Sorry I don't follow basketball so I have a few questions. Is he still on a team that he has to be in L.A.? It just seems that that place and those F-ing Kardashians are so toxic that they're not going to stop until they ruin him. I don't know what to think about the stories that Pimp Momma started about him being a crack addict but he's looking pretty bad these days noticeably thin. I am anxiously awaiting the Kardashian Karma train to pull into the station and mow that whole family of evil down and drag them all to the pits of hell. I hope he gets away from them unscathed but it isn't looking good.

407 days ago


I am sure Lamar is thinking" Free at last!"

407 days ago
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