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David Tutera, Former Partner

Split Babies

in Half

9/13/2013 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


David Tutera -- the host of "My Fair Wedding" -- followed the biblical path in his split with Ryan Jurica  -- he gets one of their twins, and Ryan gets one.

The two men had a 10-year domestic partnership that blew apart in January ... and it got UGLY.  And there was a big complication -- they had fraternal twins through a surrogate in July, and that triggered a bitter custody battle.

Now here's the complication.  Each man fertilized an egg that was then implanted in the same surrogate, who gave birth to the two babies at the same time.  It appears the eggs are from the same biological mother. 

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... a judge has issued a temporary custody arrangement in which David gets custody of his biological child, baby girl Cielo, and Ryan gets custody of his biological child, Cedric.

We're told David and Ryan are "close" to a final settlement, where the temporary custody arrangement will become permanent. 

We're also told the two men are getting along.  It's unclear if they will each get visitation rights of each other's kid. So we gotta ask ...

FYI, Tutera had a chance to explain himself on "The View" this morning. Check the clip.



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Gay or straight....these two are worthless pos's!! Those 2 babies should be raised together. They DO share a biological link, and they WERE planning to be raised together. just because these 2 jerks can't act like adults, the children have to pay??? Losers!!

342 days ago

Mr Rod    

Gays should not be allowed to marry. They sould be sent to Russia, and be locked in the gulag until they become normal!

341 days ago


Those kids are siblings, they should NOT be split up. Let those men be parents in every sense. When you divorce, your children (however many you have) are STILL your children and custody should be shared. When they planned their family, they wanted to raise their babies together, as siblings, hence why they used the same egg donor. 50/50 custody of both children TOGETHER is the only ethical solution to a problem they created.

341 days ago


This isn't a gay issue, This is a dumb ass judge issue! Why would anyone split up children like that? Stupid!

341 days ago


This is just one of the reasons that faags shouldn't be allowed to have kids in any way shape or form. Aside from being unnatural it raises so many extra problems that these poor kids will need years of counseling to get over....

341 days ago


First, to all the anti-gay comments: All you are showing is your ignorance. Bad parents come in all different forms, just as good parents do. Being gay or straight has nothing to do with it. It's obvious to me that you haven't educated yourself on the subject, or for some reason you have an unreasonable fear about it. Now on to the topic. Unfortunately, I am so disappointed in David's comments. I question what kind of father he would have been to the other child if they had stayed together. Would he have loved and cared for the little boy as much? Maybe it is good for the little boy that they split. Even if David may not feel like a parent to the little boy, I believe he still has a responsibility to keep those two children together. I hope the judge sees it that way.

341 days ago


David and his partner made the same mistake straight couples do in thinking a child will bring them closer together. It only adds to the problems not takes away from them.

( I don't know what kind of activist David Tutera was or wasn't) As far as gay marriage goes those that shouted the loudest for it are the ones that seem to be divorcing. Marriage isn't a political statement. To me what this shows is the gay community can be just as dumb as the straight community when it comes to marriage. While I think they wanted the "right" to get married I don't think many of them thought about the responsibilities of marriage. I think things will get a lot worse for gay people before they get better.

341 days ago


Doesn't this custody arrangement violate the "Presumed Parent Law"?

For David to assume that he can just willy nilly get out of it (crazy judge back him) is crazy. It is not "'my child" it is "you're children". Biological connect has zero relevance

341 days ago

What I Think    

In a previous article, it was written that these men were both "pregnant." So how can the babies be split up now?

341 days ago


The fathers have ruined two innocent lives :(

341 days ago


Very stupid decision and extremely selfish parents. They are only thinking of themselves by separating the twins. Do they not think that the children will resent them someday because they tore them apart. People even try to keep pets from the same family together. Shame of them and shame on the judge. The children should not suffer because the parents cannot get along.

340 days ago


Good Lord! Those poor babies, the children I mean. Two selfish men created them, can't maintain a relationship and now SPLIT them apart. Devestating to the twins! Children are not toys. The ramifications will affect them for life.

340 days ago

It's Me!    

I noticed quite a few people feel that these two should share custody of their twins, but you must be missing that David obviously wants nothing to do with Ryan's biological child Cedric. Why else would he suggest a custody arrangement so ludicrous? He's already showing favoritism to HIS child- I'm don't think the judge should grant David ANY TYPE of visitation/custodial rights of Cedric.

340 days ago


Oh pull-eeze!! Grow up, these situations happen in straight relationships as well. To give each man his biological child makes sense. Hopefully they will allow the twins to see each other frequently, and the two Dads will remain friends.

340 days ago

veronica sczepanik    

well DavidTtutera it doesn't matter what you do believe your self and your daugther it doesn't matter gay or straight it your life do your best you can for you and daugther someday you well find someone to love you what you are don't worry about anything be strong and god be with you

327 days ago
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