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Dina Lohan


9/13/2013 8:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


9:20 AM PT -- Our Lohan sources tell us, Lindsay was NOT the person who picked Dina up from the station -- in fact, we're told Lindsay didn't find out about the arrest until the story broke this morning.

Dina Lohan
was arrested for drunk driving in Long Island, NY last night ... and cops say her blood alcohol level was more than TWICE the legal limit.

Lindsay Lohan's 50-year-old mother was pulled over on the Northern State Parkway by New York State Police around 11 pm Thursday night ... after she was allegedly going 77mph in a 55 in her white BMW.

During the stop, cops say she appeared intoxicated -- and tested her blood alcohol level, which registered at .20 -- more than twice the legal limit of .08.

According to officials, "Lohan made an allegation that she was injured during the course of the arrest" ... but when medical personnel responded to the scene and determined she was fine, Dina "recanted her claim."

Lohan was hauled to a nearby station where she was booked on two counts of driving while intoxicated and one count of speeding.

After posing for a squinty-eyed mug shot, Lohan was released to a sober 3rd party. So far, no word on WHO picked up Lohan from the station.

Lohan is due back in court later this month.

Dina's been on a party tear this month -- TMZ obtained a photo of Lohan partying like a drunken sailor at a giant party over Labor Day weekend.

People at the party tell us she was a mess that night -- slurring her speech and zoning out.




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She is not aging well. At all.

369 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

Any such thing as Arabian syphilis?

369 days ago

billy pootons    

im 31 and i would bang her if she was not high or drunk... she's still pretty hot IMO

369 days ago


Yikes,she looks a lot older than 50!

369 days ago


Scary part is is that she looks better then Lindsay.

369 days ago


PattyCakes....that is one nasty crater size weeping herpies sore...or meth sore ...she also has one on her nose as well as those pre sore like bubbly blisters on the other corner of her mouth if you look close and in the other one you can see two penny size bruises on her left cheek....her face is totally messed up even if she tried to hide it under heavey matte makeup...I wouldn't want those lips anywhere near me.....those are either meth sores or herpie sores either one is bad news means shes using again and her STD's have gone into active infectious stage again....... Anyone having sex with her right now better wear a hazmat suit....
and the photos of the party the other girl she is poses with is her party/bestbuddy Sam.....and somebody please tell her that her tits hanging lower then a cows udder is not attractive....
All in All Billie Bush and Harvey can shout to the roof tops how healthy and hot and sophisticated she looks but one look at her will call them liars...

369 days ago


Where was the 12-Step religious AA/NA cult's "HIGHER POWER"; and why wasn't it using its higher powers on Dina to keep her from drinking & driving?

A REAL "HIGHER POWER" would work 100% of the time...NO MATTER WHAT!

369 days ago


Hey Winfrey so how did that interview go for the docu-joke you're doing with Lohan? How much editing will that take.

Winfrey, instead of wasting your money on Lohan the drunk and drug addict put that money to maybe feeding hungry kids. Much better use.

369 days ago

heidi case    

lol just saw her on the "TEST" denying she is an alcoholic what a crying shame no wonder Lyndsay's F'ked up

369 days ago


Where is Susan & Diane on these threads 2day ???

369 days ago


Lindsay didn't get that screwed up on her own-her mother has used her as a pawn in all her schemes against her father-mooched money off her and then thrown her under the bus when the sh--t hits the fan-Lindsay's biggest mistake was not cutting her loose and defending her and then turning into her

369 days ago


Did this have anything to do with her being soooo hungover on "The Test" and walking off the set?

369 days ago


DUI? What a shock. wow How shocking! uh huh..

369 days ago


Grow the F up you low life.

369 days ago


i'm only surprised it took this long.
not a bit surprised she lied and tried to allege the cops roughed her up.
i wish they had given her a beating though.

369 days ago
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