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Lindsay Lohan

Shows Support for Mom

But None for Her Boobs

9/13/2013 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Lindsay Lohan just arrived at her mom's house on Long Island -- this after Dina Lohan's arrest for an off-the-charts DWI -- and she was definitely lacking in the support department.

Lindsay showed up in a black Porsche with her sister, Ali and an unidentified guy -- flashing a ton of side-boob as she walked into the house.

Shortly after Linds showed up ... her old attorney Mark Heller walked out of Dina's pad, and announced he's representing her in the DWI.

Heller pointed out Dina is a first time DWI offender with no prior record (criminally, anyway) -- and as a result he felt she would be treated with "fairness." Translation: he's hoping for no jail time.

As we previously reported ... Dina was arrested Thursday night ... and cops say she had a BAC of 0.2 -- nearly 3 times the legal limit.

Dina's still laying low -- the only sign of her all day was in the doorway as she let a friend out. She looked ... hazy.



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I think it's sweet that they showed up to support mommy. Blo swung by to provide her a t!tty to lean on and another one as a retainer t!tty for Hobbit Heller. Ali-Oyl doesn't have any t!tties to lean on but she can float around like Casper to keep an eye on the location of all booze/drugs available on the premises. Alas, poor Dina can only be saved by her daring balcony leaping ex, Milo, who will just have to put her in Loopykins (his schill rehab job) and claim his due as ring master of this frickin' circus. Until then, we'll join hands and sing to encourage this lovely family. Swing loooow, sweet t!tty ho...

402 days ago


So Dlisted posted this story. And SOMEONE followed me all the way out there.

402 days ago


Man, those things are droopy! They must look like eggs sunny side up when she's on her back... What a disgusting family.

402 days ago

Good riddance!    

NASTY! At this point BloHo doesn't need a bra, she needs a belt with a stout shelf on it to minimize the knee flopping of those two flab, pus, and plastic filled gut bags. It's good the cops are trying to do something to minimize the havoc this bunch of grifter sociopaths is continuously perpetrating on society. The really awesome thing is cops and judges in NY aren't corrupt dolts like the ones in California that actually enable these a-holes to commit even more crimes!

402 days ago


And Playboy paid 1 million for these..... and people bought it....*head explode*

402 days ago


and an unidentified guy.......................THAT'S HER PIMP, YOU SKANK / SLUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

402 days ago

Suzy Q     

I hope there's a new story soon. That photo reminds me of my great great granny when she was 93.

402 days ago


The lohan family all need a one way ticket to Siberia - They are a disgrace. Zero control. I wonder how it was for Lindsey growing up as a child? These parents -I don't care if Michael says he's doing better. They are all pathological liars. Bottom feeders. Lindsey never stood a chance- not defending her.... With parents like these her childhood must have been horrendous.

402 days ago


The only time this family and kardashians should of been on tv - jery springer: topic: deplorable families.

402 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

How did LiLo ever get in Playboy, and how many Photoshop experts killed themselves over trying to make her look halfway decent.

402 days ago


I love Lindsay but i really want her to wear a bra her boobies are going to be seriously hanging low in a few years the way she trots around bra less

402 days ago


I'd bet Lindsay's left udder that DUina is basking in the glow of all this media coverage.

402 days ago


D.U.Is  in CA, reality on 1, 2, 3+ DUIs: Really, .08 dosnt exist anymre if alchol z detcted a cop can take U N! Hospitl/amblnce stay/bills, D.U.I puts a persn N the back of a cop car, takn sobriety tests on Streets all can C U. towed car/fees, mug shots, bail, on wekends/holidays: good luck gett'n out. + Jail time potintal. Hrs./days of comunity. LABOR-NOT serv. U also pay a fine 2 sign up 4 comunity. LABOR. Hav 2 take time 2 do labor dur'n Ur work wk. SSR-22 insurnce. On bckgrnd checks 4 emplyment, 10 yrs on DMV record- but nevr really comes off, court $$$, judges, court fines, rehab $$ 4 some lawyers/fees- people who hire privte lawyers fair better-all good lawyers & judges R buddy buddy N So.Cal. 3-6-12-18 mnth. alchol classes show up 2x a wk. fees 4 classes, mandtry AA meetns, mandtory day W/ MADD hear'n horrifc tragic stories of victims- U must get a certif. of completn. Lose Ur lisc -good luck get'n 2 all thes places. Humilatn explain'n 2 family, friends, emplyers, potential loss -demotion of job, probation, potential 4 felony charge, instant felony if kids R N the car- they get takn str8 2 child protctive services,while U go 2 jail. Now CA charges/bills 2 U 4 police/emergncy services, accidnt. clean-up, etc etc. bill can B N $1000's . Alchol ignition device N car, NOT small. Must blow evrytime N car 2 start. Pay 4 instalmnt. of interlok device & device-Car has potential 2 stall while driv'n, mandtry maintnce 4 device, it jst racks up the more DUIs U get. Access now 2 Ur record online, anytime, + mugshots on line. Name N news. misdemeanor/felony record. Get n accidnt- UR fault NO MATTER what! It is endlss. Makes a $60-$100 cab ride look cheap! Nothn z worse than hav'n DMV, car insurnce, courts, jail, lawyers, police all 2 deal W/. Lot of people 2 answer 2! A DUI 4 the Avg. person can destroy everythin! Nver ever drink & drive!

402 days ago



402 days ago



402 days ago
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