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Dina Lohan

No-Booze Birthday Bash

After DUI Arrest

9/16/2013 9:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan
temporarily learned her lesson after getting busted for DUI last week -- She celebrated her 51st birthday Sunday night with her kids  ... without guzzling a single drop of booze.

Dina, Lindsay, Cody, Ali (who's Vogue-ing out) and Michael Jr. went to ABC Kitchen in NYC, and we're told they ordered Diet Cokes, waters, Shirley Temples, and cherry sodas all night. (Dina ordered the DC.)

We're told the entire Lohan clan was in great spirits -- something they're familiar with -- and no one uttered a peep about the arrest.

As we reported, Dina was popped on Long Island Thursday after allegedly driving with a blood alcohol level of .20 (more than twice the legal limit). Happy Birthday!



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How is it that Ali can model?? I can't get past her face...soo ugly.

319 days ago

Maybe she didn't drink at her birthday party but what about after she got home? Also what does she do for a living or does she live off Lindsey?

319 days ago


Ok here it is. Dina should have a lawyer with DUI experience since they know how to pick apart a case piece by piece. Everything from how the breathalyzer is working was calibrated to the officer’s experience with using the machine. An experienced DUI attorney will look for the smallest detail to impeach the officers and any evidence they obtained. Also being in good with the prosecutor and judge is always to your advantage. Here is the part that surprised me-the lawyer told me that using Heller could very well work to Dina’s advantage in that his incompetence could help by getting things postponed until the point that the court just wants to be done with the case. The longer it takes the more people involved start leaving and then someone new takes over and then the process can start over again. Now before you say this guy doesn’t know what he is talking about-he does. He is a retired NYC PD-and an attorney. He practices in NYC and Nassau County where Dina was arrested. He has arrested people, prosecuted them and defended them. He knows his business and while he laughs at Heller-from what he said most all attorneys laugh at him-this may just work in Dina’s favor. If everything goes right Dina could have this thrown out or at the most alcohol classes and a short probation period. This is not saying it will go like this but there is a good possibility of it going in her favor. I have to say to Janet-You were right. You were pointing these things out all weekend about having an experienced DUI lawyer. This lawyer watched Heller’s press conference and knew all about the case-he told me he finds the entire Lohan clan amusing and good for a laugh. So that is what I have to report. I will post this here and on ROL . Agree or disagree but it is interesting.

319 days ago


Wonder what kinda tip Lindsey left.

319 days ago


WHO CARES about dina lohan besides her immediate family? No one? Right, no one. Put her, farrah horse face, and anyone even remotely associated with the k's in the "don't give a fu ck" pile, please.

319 days ago


Great Billy Wilder line from SUNSET BOULEVARD:
"There's nothing TRAGIC about turning FIFTY, Norma, unless you still run around TRYING to be 20."

319 days ago


If you have you picture taken and say you are not drinking it must be true. Who knew it was that easy?

319 days ago


Common sense tells you stay-out-of-the-news-when-something-like-a-DUI-occurs.

319 days ago


She is useless to society. Lock her up for good.

319 days ago


No alcohol? They must have been abusing their meds instead.

319 days ago


BS staged photo op for the court case......look' she's a good mom! they are a happy family... look look look at us 'all american family'...........

319 days ago


Is that a stright jacket Lohan is wareing? Sure looks like it by the sleeves.

319 days ago


I've had a chance to look again at the Grifter Family Portrait, for a substance breakdown:

The gray-faced stick-ghoul….heroin
The technofaeg………………Buds & blow
DWIna….Long Island "Iced Tea" & a few bottles of Chablis
The orphaned, irreverent, directionless little snot with issues too disturbing to discuss…..I can't even…..

(thanks to FU for the spot-on character descriptions)

319 days ago


They are having their 80 proof refreshments at the kitchen table discussing Dinas situation.

319 days ago


Hobie/cody looks lake an axe murderer.

319 days ago
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