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Ex-Patriots Star Brian Holloway

Neighbors Call B.S.

On House-Trashing

9/22/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The plot thickens in the story of ex-New England Patriots player Brian Holloway ... who went ballistic after his New York home was trashed by a horde of rowdy, drunken teen vandals.  Turns out the house was already in disrepair and in FORECLOSURE, and his neighbors smell a rat.

TMZ has learned ... Holloway owes a whopping $1,006,348.80 on the house ... it appears he was delinquent on paying his mortgage and the bank then demanded payment of the entire balance.

Brian hasn't lived in the home for a long time -- he's in Florida -- and neighbors tell us they thought the house was abandoned.  In fact, before the blow-out bash, neighbors say kids staged a number of parties in the house -- which has no furniture.

Neighbors think the kids who Brian is now attacking are getting a bad rap.  They say there was already plenty of damage to the home before the party in question -- broken doors and damaged floors.  And ... there was plenty of preexisting graffiti covering the walls.

Some neighbors are suspicious of Brian's motive in requesting financial help to pay for repairs on his PayPal account.  They think he's trying to create sympathy so money floods in and he can save his house.

As for Brian ... he tells TMZ there was some preexisting damage, but the 300 hooligans really trashed his crib.  He also says he's been trying to renegotiate with the bank for 2 years.

The clock is ticking -- the foreclosure sale is set for Oct. 29.

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Tony R.    

Those teens need to feel the sting of the law, since they obviously never felt the sting of a belt.

392 days ago

Tommy Pacheco    

Ok so the house was in foreclosure, does that make what those kids did any less illegal? They should all be in jail and the parents be paying heavy fines.

392 days ago


TMZ, what difference does it make that his house is in foreclosure? Lots of houses are in foreclosure and there are families living in those houses all over this country...and not making mortgage payments. If it was your house would that be an excuse? They should ALL be punished to the fullest extent of the law. That is breaking and entering, vandalism, as well as a whole host of other laws that can be charged.

"I'M A LAWYER" should know this. Shame on you.

392 days ago


PARENTS your children entered a home that did not belong to them, they drank under age, they did crack, meth, lets bet no one wore a condom! Babies and rehab are in your children's future! STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR BEING A ****TY PARENT!

392 days ago


PARENTS your children entered a home that did not belong to them, they drank under age, they did crack, meth, lets bet no one wore a condom! Babies and rehab are in your children's future! STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR BEING A ****TY PARENT!

392 days ago


Looks like America has been played. This would explain why he was trying to raise the money to "repair" the place instead of filing a claim with his Insurance company.

392 days ago


Guess the ones who partied and destroyed prior to the recent incident were smarter...they didn't blast everything over the internet. Guess the last group got caught holding the bag.

392 days ago


NONE OF THAT MATTERS. Those kids broke into a home and trashed it. It was NOT their property. And THAT'S all that matters.

392 days ago


Condition is irrelevant. Trespassing is trespassing. The kids did something wrong and should be punished. They should go do repairs on house for breaking the law regardless if the damage was caused by them. They need to know there are consequences to your actions. If they didn't want there pics shared they shouldn't have shared them in the first place. Public pics nothing wrong with him sharing. Parent's should do a better job of taking care of your kids.

392 days ago


If the home was abandoned, why is there electricity and working lights in every picture these teens tweeted?

Did you read their tweets about what an amazing, huge house it was? I call BS on the neighbor (aka crappy parent of party- goer).

392 days ago


Parents take responsibility for you kids will you?? Jesus -I have a 16 year old son who would NEVER even think about doing something like this- and if he did-- I would kick his ass !!

391 days ago


Regardless of pre-existing damage. Anyone who wants to defend the people that did this are the reason things like this happen. I'm only 21 and my friends and I had some ragers in high school, but never in a million years would we do something like this and hide behind our parents with our tails between our legs. There's no denying what they did, they made the mistake of do***enting it. Anyone that made this mistake before was just smart enough to not publicly display their stupid mistakes on the world wide web. I tell my younger brother every day that when he's at parties to stay out of pictures! Even at the college party I was at the other night someone broke a window, that person attends another school from another state and was visiting our campus for the weekend. He went to my friends house the next day and offered my friends money to fix it and apologize!! Why is it that not one of these stupid kids feels the need to grow up and apologize when 20 year old boozed up college kids do? No one is taught to take responsibility for their actions. Maybe one day when they have full time jobs and are paying back their student loans they'll take a minute to realize what a hurtful and senseless thing they did.

390 days ago


This is the problem with issues like this!! There's always someone that feels the need to defend behavior like this! I'm only 21 but I'll be damned if I ever try to make an excuse for a child that chose to do something so senseless and hurt someone's life and livelihood. While we're at it lets try to defend those kids who beat the crap out of another student on the school bus...maybe he was asking for it, right TMZ? These kids will realize what they did once they have jobs and families, or our country is screwed.

390 days ago


Why on earth would you demonize the victim? His house was broken into and vandalized by 300 people. Whether or not his house will be foreclosed on, the payments for that damage will come out of his pocket. These parents should be ashamed of themselves. Quit making excuses for your bad parenting. Any good parent would have walked their child up to that house while he hosted that picnic, made them apologize and work on his house until it was fully repaired again. This would teach your children to take responsibility for their actions. It would teach them respect. This is character building. This is how you teach your children to become good people. That's the point of parenting.

390 days ago


Why would you even attempt to demonize the victim. His house was broken into and vandalized. Even if he's going through a foreclosure these damages will come out of his pocket. I would press charges against all of these children except the 1 child that showed up to help him with repairs. A good parent would send there kid over to apologize and help him fix the house until it was in good condition. Not just because it's the just thing to do, but because it will teach them respect and build character. All of you parents who did not send your child to that picnic who may be reading this right now, you are just as guilty as your hellion offspring.

390 days ago
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