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Kanye West

I Was Just Defending Myself

9/23/2013 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West
says he went after that photog at LAX because he feared for his safety ... and that's why he pulled out a can of whoop ass and used it.

Kanye is responding to the civil suit filed by the paparazzo who claims Kanye assaulted him on July 19th at LAX and caused him serious injury.  According to Kanye's answer to the lawsuit, filed by Shawn Holley and obtained by TMZ ... he believed "his safety was in immediate danger."   And then there's this:  "[Kanye] responded to this assault by doing only those acts that were reasonably necessary for his self-defense ..."

In addition to the civil lawsuit, Kanye faces criminal charges that could land him in jail for a maximum of 1 year if convicted.


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He went after the photographer because the photographer was going to harm him by taking his picture. Apparently, the other photographers taking his picture would not harm him by taking his picture, but that photographer's camera was extra special and dangerous...

394 days ago


This guy is nothing more than a thug, that has money.
He will always be a thug.

394 days ago


I don't have any problem with a paparazzo getting his/her ass kicked a little bit. If a photographer wants to be an *******, he should get treated like one. Golden rule!

394 days ago

Wow ...    

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Self defence. Good one.

394 days ago


The biggest loser in the history of losers. Enjoy being the Kardashian bitch that you are.

394 days ago


Another cry baby kardashian.

394 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Cant go chasing someone and call it self defense. What a idiot. I really hope people pull their heads out of their collective a$$es and stop taking his stupidness. Team work. when one of your fellow photogs get attacked by pieces of garbage like this fight back. theres more of you then them. Give them a proper beat down then see how his attitude changes. Kanye just is in dire need of a good ol fashion beat down to wake him up.

394 days ago

American Patriot    

silly thug....

394 days ago


Can somebody please drop kick him in the mouth and make him go away for like...forever? We have too many tools like Lamar Scrotum and Kanye Douche sucking up other people's air.

394 days ago


I see that 14% of people "absolutely" buy this as self defense. If you are in that 14%... could you do me a favor and not vote, drive, procreate, or interact with people. Your stupidity and ignorance is a danger to society.

394 days ago


He really is an idiot.

You can't claim self defense where you're *chasing* the person you claim you're afraid of.

394 days ago


Just when I thought this diva couldn't get any more menstrual, he breaks out the big pads.

Patti Labelle is more gangsta than this fool.

394 days ago


They both were at fault...And BOTH belong in jail!

394 days ago


Kanye is a PUNK PU$$Y BITCH who cant man up to being a bully. F-You Kanye.

394 days ago


Time to pass some new laws...
1) All camera owners should register with the DOJ and be subject to background checks...
2) Cameras can only take a maximum of 10 pictures each.
3) Cameramen cannot carry any extra rolls that hold more than 10 pictures. Possession of such a roll would be a felony.
4) Cameras cannot be modified with extra large batteries or flashes that make the device look more dangerous than they already are.
5) Amend the constitution to allow all citizens to own cameras, but also let each state make its own restrictions on it regardless of what the constitution says...
6) Ban the silent cameras without any shutter noise. Only criminals take pictures silently.
7) They will be referred to as assault cameras from now on...


394 days ago
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