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Jesse Pinkman

Obamacare Prevents Meth Sales,


9/29/2013 6:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking Bad

Jesse Pinkman made a heartfelt pitch last night about Obamacare, and how his former friend in New Mexico could have benefited -- as could the people he slaughtered.

It's pretty hilarious ... Aaron Paul made a surprise appearance in the opening skit for the Fall premiere of  "SNL."  People went nuts.

Aaron's got to beat a hasty retreat.  He needs to be in L.A. tonight for the big screening at Hollywood Forever cemetery in Hollywood. 

He'll arrive in the cooking van, which is awesome.


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So will begin YET another day of arguing about Obamacare. Bill Maur has it correct when he points out that WHAT everyone is Fighting, is Accessable health care for Over 300 MILLION of you. CORPORATE America is Losing it's collective mind. Free Americans VOTED, not once, but TWICE for Obama AND Obamacare!! Everyone yapping against a system that was approved by the Voters and one that Hasn't Even been TRIED yet.

389 days ago


What kind of idiot actually thinks they are going to get free health care with Obamacare? Once again this corrupt government has fooled the people. The are controlling the people in this country like sheep, the sheep have no clue what's going to happen to them.

389 days ago


If Obamacare is so great why is it congress, Obama and his family, most government officials and most unions are not on the plan? They all have been granted exceptions to Obamacare it's only the poor uninformed taxpaying workers going on the government run plan called Obamacare. Have you ever seen any thing the government runs be a success? They screw up everything. Now they get to screw up your health care....some panel in DC will decide if you get treatments or you live or die.

389 days ago


The average person in this country has no clue what is coming to our health care system, they are going to be in for a big surprise when they wake up. Our once great health system has been destroyed by Barry Obama. The government has no business controlling our health care, we are now going to live and die by Obamacare and political hacks in Washington DC.

389 days ago

Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

Seriously? They're only telling us what THEY want us to know about Obamacare. It's a 2,700 page long bill and only ONE person was required to read it in order to pass it. Only 30 percent support it now. People are waking up to it.

389 days ago


????VIDEO NOT AVAILABLE IN MY LOCATION??? Didn't realize Canada was a third world country.

389 days ago


That was a funny opening to SNL. So was the electronic meth. And Aaron playing the drunk uncles nephew. They should ask him to host sometime.

389 days ago


If you are successful Obama hates you. You are crack addict welfare 'ho or criminal or terrorist then Obama love you long time.

389 days ago


Breaking Wind is more exciting than Breaking Bad.

389 days ago


The Republicans are truly traitors. They claim to love this country and they claim to be patriotic. But they would shut down the government because they are whiny babies who throw tantrums like a 3 year old when they don't get their way. Republicans spread lies about President Obama's Health Care Act because they can't stand to see the working poor in this country have any kind of help. Yet they don't have a problem with sending those same working poor to die in their illegal wars. Dick Cheney never fought in a war, but he sure profited off the Iraq war. Republicans are the rich kids that grew into adults and became more evil. It's sad that so many people can't see their true colors. It isn't red, white and blue. It's green. Health Care for all, like raising the minimum wage, is long overdue in this country. The rich corporations wouldn't be anywhere without the working poor.

389 days ago


I say Jesse Pinkman did it in the dining room with a candlestick.

389 days ago


lol obama care is a joke.for those bringing up canada.they have UNIVERSAL health care.meaning every citizen in their country is covered.that wont be the case with obama's bs

389 days ago


The skit was funny.
Yet the TRUTH is NOT.
And Free? Whats FREE in this world, 'especially' expensive health care? Give me a break. There is no Free.

Like food stamps, you think that's free too??
Uhhh.... it's called 'THE WORKING CLASS paying TAXES to PAY for these things in which government takes a percentage of.
You ever even taken a civics course??
Oh yea, the DEMOCRATS don't like civics and took it from schools cause they want YOU to be DEPENDENT on Them and not Think for yourselves, yet your still rooting for that team huh?
The world has seen and felt Socialized medicine and.... it SUCKS.
Yet some of you BrainDeads have done NO research to know what your actually talking about let alone getting us ALL into.
By the way, healthcare is NOW there for ANYONE. Even 'Illegal Aliens' can go into an emergency room, get care, give a false name, never pay for it to the tune of BILLIONS per year, in California alone, yet every legal taxpayer kicks in to cover some of that. The rest... the Hospitals have to 'Eat it' so... that's 'Another' reason health care costs YOU so much!
So, who's not getting emergency health care?
For some of you... just wait until you actually see more of whats going on cause even with all the unions, companies, individuals that are dropping out and dropping employees from their care so they can go into Obama's 'Exchanges', there's still going to be plenty of people with no coverage.
And for you 20 somethings that do not want to spend money on healthcare, Obama is FORCING you to.
If you don't join an exchange this week, you'll have to pay a penalty. Yet that penalty is very low so, many people will STILL Not join, just pay the fee (which we shouldn't have to be forced to do), and by doing this, Obama is such an imbecile, there will NOT be enough people to make up the Huge difference.
Why do you think Obama is giving so many 'WAIVERS' to Obamacare huh?? From Congress to certain industries 'HE' favors, to his buddies companies and dozens and dozens of Other companies and places?
Because it costs MORE, You don't get to keep your doctor, or plan and those that supported him seen this and for them to stay on his team, he gave THEM special treatment and having YOU pay the EXTRA on top of that.
If this OBAMACARE was so good, they why are they LIEING and HIDING soooo much info and things from us?

BECAUSE it's a noble thought yet NO PLANNING or REALITY, Common or Business SENSE went into the planning.
What does that tell you about this so called Commander in Chief?
He Has NO CLUE..... Just like some of you!
Yet he and you both, keep hiding behind your IGNORANCE to FACTS.

Yet myself and many others have to pay the Price for your IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY!

Just wait a few months and THEN see what you think about this STUPID, IGNORANT 'so called' affordable health care act.
THEN you hopefully will see how your Idiocy and partisan politics have contributed to dragging down this once great free society. YOU helped put another nail in our coffin.
You DISGUSTS me for what your doing to this once great country.

389 days ago


Aaron Paul is a really amazing guy! He came here to Boise, where he is from (Middleton, actually) and on September 15 rented out the most historical movie theater in Boise, the Egyptian and invited Breaking Bad fans to come watch the episode with him for FREE. He also did a fundraiser but the people called local radio stations to get the tickets. Then tonight he is in Hollywood meeting fans who follow him on Twitter and giving away finale tickets for the live finale to watch with him. He is a super cool guy! I love him!

389 days ago


The affordable health care is for people who have no insurance or are looking for better insurance. I have insurance but the cost to my employer it getting so high they will drop us next year, (remember it has not taken effect yet) In 1994 I had to pay $500 a month I can't afford that now. With the affordable heath care implantation I should be able to afford it now. And if you wonder why should young people get it, well why do you pay for house or car insurance (remember car insurance is mandatory).

389 days ago
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