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Britney's Dad and Manager

We Didn't Pressure Her

Into Doing Sexual Scenes

10/3/2013 9:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Britney Spears' dad/conservator and her manager deny pressuring her to sexualize her music videos.

Britney said in a radio interview she felt she was being pushed further than she wanted to go, although she didn't name names.  She said she watched what she shot and cut out some of the raciest scenes.

Jamie Spears and manager Larry Rudolph tell TMZ, "Britney is never pressured into anything.  She reviews all creative and for her 'Work Bitch' video she discussed toning down some parts in finding a balance of sexy and being a mom."

The reason this is so significant -- Britney is under a conservatorship, meaning she's fragile and not mentally stable enough to fend for herself.  That's why Jamie was placed into the position of being her protector, and Larry is pretty much required to respect that as well.

So the question.  If not Jamie and Larry, who was pressuring Britney, and why was anyone allowed to pressure her in the first place?



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Poor Brit Brit

385 days ago


Get serious, TMZ. There are plenty of people who could have been putting the "pressure" on her besides these two. Quit stirring the pot.

385 days ago

Montclair Grandma    

I'm not sure about her story. She is mentally unstable
and what she considers pressure may not actually

385 days ago


Her being pushed is stating the obvious isn't it?

385 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Actually I found both the song and the video very generic. Fun, but generic. If it was not Brit it could have been Rihanna, it could have been Miley, hell, it could have been Janet frickin' Jackson. It could have been anyone's song. If this is how they're packaging Brit she's going nowhere fast.

385 days ago

The Truth    


Britney's video was not getting any attention, her song sales are flat and her ticket sales for her "Vegas" lip syncing were poor.

To boost interest Britney says oh poor me too sexy in the video. What a joke. Doing anything to get interest.

She cannot dance and lip syncs so she has to claim oh too sexy.

Sorry , no one is buying it.

The Truth Hurts

385 days ago


Nobody Was Pressuring Britney Spears To Look Sexy, Britney Likes Looking Sexy Like That, in Her Concert Tours Britney Wears a Bikini Top and Very Short Shorts...........Britney Shouldn't Do interviews Where She Doesn't Know What They Will Ask Her Because Then She Says The Wrong Thing and All Hell Breaks Loose...

385 days ago


"You must be a sex kitten 4 ever, sez your record label. And nothing compares to you." Sinead O'connor.

385 days ago

Ozzie X    

I'm not sure why she took on this endeavor of performing in Vegas. She should have just rested on her laurels for awhile and enjoy her life.

385 days ago


Yeah right! Behind closed doors you guys cornered Brit and told her sex sells, your out of the limelight and bullied her a bit.

On the back side of reality, Brit really didn't have a problem showing off because she does it all so well.

Life goes on and now we all have another video of Brit to watch.

385 days ago

kitten roulaine    

She doesn't like it period. Stop pimping her, that's pimping plain and simple, she's the star Jaime isn't. It's her money, not Jaime's.

385 days ago


The pressure is everywhere. It's on this site, in the comments, in every other publication, in the direct correlation between hyper-sexualization and record sales... There's no way you could pin the blame on any one person because it's EVERYWHERE.

385 days ago


How much of Britney is "mental instability" and how is just plain stupid? That said, the record execs pushed the issue and her dad obviously had to give the OK.

385 days ago


Please - with stupid headlines. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't there usually a Choreographer? I'm sure her father and manager are busy designing and creating dance steps for Britney. She is not Miley's age anymore - she has children and on and on .....

385 days ago


Well, here we go. I said weeks ago there would be lots of problems before she even gets started. NO WAY WILL SHE BE ABLE TO HANDLE PERFORMING IN VEGAS FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS! Not going to happen.

385 days ago
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