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Casey Kasem

Let Us See Dad...

Or Else

10/4/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Kasem's children have issued an ultimatum to their step-mom, Jean Kasem ... she has one more chance to let them see their ailing father ... and if she doesn't she'll lose control over his life.

The former, long-time host of "America's Top 40" is very ill with advanced Parkinson's and his kids have been trying in vain to see him for the last 3 months but they say Jean has blocked them.

So Kerri, Julie and Mike have hired a lawyer to negotiate with Jean, and here's the bottom line -- if she doesn't let them see their dad, the lawyer will go to court and ask a judge to create a conservatorship for Casey and make THEM the conservators.

They've tried everything else.  As we first reported, they staged a protest earlier this week in front of the house but Jean called the cops on them.

And apparently it's not what you think.  We're told the kids are not beneficiaries in Casey's will.  They just want to see him before it's too late.

We could not reach Jean for comment.



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Dead account Delete at will    

What a nasty c**t of a woman to keep his kids away from their dying father. Trying to take away their last opportunity to say their goodbyes to their father is unforgivable. I hope they fix this situation before its to late.
Good Luck !

355 days ago


What a bitch!! Children should be allowed to see their father/mother when they are reaching the end of their life so they can say their goodbyes. I bet this nasty woman won't even allow them at the funeral OR tell them where their father is buried.

355 days ago


Let them see their dad!

355 days ago


If I were Jean Kasem I would let them see Casey just to get them off my back. Our family put my family through hell in a similar situation. All I am saying is, Jean, get them off your backs, it's only one day, and then go back to taking care of Casey. As for the family, don't come empty handed like my family did. Bring flowers, a card, anything, even if Casey isn't aware. My family caused trouble and they ended bringing my father nothing. Good luck to all concerned.'

355 days ago


All this looks bad for his current come she and their kids get to see him...and not the others? ...not just his older kids, but his brother and oldest friends. It will be interesting when Casey passes away to see who gets what in the will. The older kids have stated they're not in his will.....WHY? Casey Casem is worth A TON....if he leaves his money to his current wife and includes their kids.....hmmmm

355 days ago


The couple has been married for 33 years. Jean alone has all the rights. The adult children have no legal right to interfere. If it were your spouse you wouldn't want to be bullied, either. It's Jean's call, period.

355 days ago


sometimes kids come around like voltures when a parent is dying but didn't care about the parent when they were old and well. His current wife is taking care of him and it is what it is! The children i suspect were estranged before now they see $money!

355 days ago


I read on another site that the children were visiting him weekly up until a few months ago when, without explanation, Jean wouldn't allow them to see him. Something is fishy.

355 days ago


i don't think a court would go on their side over his wife. Sounds like nothing but threats. Not a good way to get this solved. Whatever started this war why don't they solve that instead?

355 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

What a sad situation. I hope they get to see him before it's too late.

355 days ago


what a selfish bitch to not let his own flesh and blood see their father

355 days ago


He had been with his wife for over 30 years....If my step children came to would refuse them also! THEIR LIES AND HELL THEY PUT MY HUSBAND THROUGH WITH THEIR MOM IS CRIMINAL. I HAVE ALREADY TOLD MY HUSBAND THEY WILL BE REFUSED ENTRY WHEN THE DAY COMES.....blood or not if she has reason like me they DO NOT deserve to see him to say good bye. As for his friends, seriously? They must not be that good of friends. She is the one that has been there for him!

355 days ago


The thing is...WHY are they being banned from seeing him? And WHO made the decision to do it? That is everything to this.

If it was Casey who made the choice, and he is of sound mind, and the kids have betrayed him or something - then screw the kids.
But if Jean is just protecting her spot and dictating things for her own inheritance and benefit - then they should get to see him and legal action needs to be taken.
Hard to tell here.

355 days ago


I wonder why he would write them all out of his will? Was there bad blood between them? At any rate, I have a feeling he would welcome seeing his kids even if they had a falling out at some point. I am sure he loves them and misses them. Jean should let them see their father.

355 days ago


Even if they are estranged, after years go by people change and soften and like these children, want to say their goodbyes. I understand Jean is in charge but why can't she let them have one hour? I believe it may mean nothing to her but everything to them. They have been out of the will for a long time, why not allow them this one thing?

355 days ago
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