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Goes NUCLEAR On Chuck Lorre

That Drunk Stole My Joke!

10/4/2013 11:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Roseanne has gone nuclear on Ashton Kutcher and "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre, accusing them of joke stealing and calling Ashton a "f**king thief."

Roseanne apparently caught wind of a recent episode in which Ashton told someone something to the effect of, "You're wet where you're supposed to be dry."  Turns out, the wet bit is an old Roseanne joke, which sent her into a wild rage.

Roseanne began by attacking Ashton on twitter, calling him  "an immoral thief of intellectual property."  But very quickly, she changed targets and put Chuck in her cross hairs:  "CHUCK LORRE IS A THIEF!  STEALING MY JOKES FOR HIS S**T TWO AND A HALF MORON."

And then she gets personal with Lorre, who once worked as a writer on her famous sitcom:  "I wish I'd NEVER hired Chuck Lorre.  Like EVERY 'sober' Hollywood mkultrabot, he w;ent frm being a drunken bum2 an overbearing arrogant thief."

She's still ranting on twitter ... and it's entertaining!



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Why do you put anything this pig say's or does' REALLY WHO ON THIS EARTH CARE'S, REALLY WHO?????

321 days ago


Soooo Chuck Lorre wrote for Roseann, does that mean he wrote that joke???? If so, he didn't steal it. It was already his!

321 days ago

Peter Gozinya    

Once an idiot, always an idiot.

321 days ago


This wacho needs to go back into the woodwork.

321 days ago


The woman is a whack! The sentence is barely comment-worthy or joke-worthy for that matter. How many times don't actors use similar lines when it's relevant to do so? She needs to just go away.

321 days ago


I knew I had heard that joke before, and it was too good for the writes of teh current 2 1/2 Men! Sue that self-agrandizing Lorre, Roseanne; it will make great press fodder, and you should win!

321 days ago


Get OVER IT rosie.....

321 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

That was actually the funniest episode of 2.5 Men in a long time. As for joke "stealing" I hear comedians tell jokes I've heard someplace happens. Ron White tells a story that a couple of years ago in Atlanta or wherever he lives, kid was decapited trying to retrieve from under a roller coaster, I heard the same EXACT story at Magic Mountain five years ago.

321 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

*trying to retrieve his hat

321 days ago


She's a fat bitch.

321 days ago


Glad someone's calling them out on not coming up with their own jokes. Within the first four minutes of the season premiere they used all the Schmidt jokes from the first season of New Girl. There was no need to introduce an irrelevant character on Two and a Half Men named Schmidt. It's time to cancel the show, they've lost their creativity.

321 days ago


320 days ago


320 days ago


Roseanne deserves credit for coming up in comedy when A. It was an all boys club and B. Most comedians like Roseanne wrote jokes themselves.
Sorry but it is no different than stealing music lyrics to an artist. Like her or not she deserves credit.
Chuck got rid of Sheen and look how poorly the show is doing, now they have to steal jokes.

319 days ago


I am the same age as Roseanne (Actually 2 days younger) and I was kicked off the school bus in second grade for telling a joke I had heard from some older kids about a grandmother. I didn't understand the joke that's why I said it so loud the bus driver heard it. Anyway the punch line was "she was wet where she was suppose to be dry and dry where she was suppose to be wet. I had no idea what I had said but I was off the bus so I very clearly remember it. I really don't believe Roseanne's act began before 2nd grade or whatever year the older kids heard it so....... Somebody in rural Michigan should sue "drunken bitch" Roseanne for joke theft.......

319 days ago
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