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President Obama

Redskins Name is Offensive

... I'd Probably Change It

10/5/2013 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Congress might be shut down ... but President Barack Obama found time to dive into the debate over the Washington Redskins name -- telling a reporter he would "think about changing" the team name because it offends people.

The Prez was asked about the issues renewed controversy over the past few months ... and proclaimed nostalgia isn't a good enough reason to keep the name.

Saying if he were team owner ... there'd be serious discussion about changing it.

However, Barack doesn't think fans of the name are being racist -- they're just passionate for team history.

Obama joins a growing movement of people once again pushing for the change -- including NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Name change or not ... the Redskins still suck this season.

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Wow, anything to keep on diverting the American people! Glad he's busy with this instead of pushing an insurance plan on the American people that he himself won't or even consider for himself! But hey, as long as we are focusing on this, instead of bankrupting AMERICA, he can now go on another lavish vacation, compliments of us! Send us a thankyou card jerk!

197 days ago


In homage to Obama and his bi-racial geneology, the Redskins should change their name to the following:


197 days ago


Mr. President....
We've had ENOUGH of your 'CHANGES'.

* Benghazi...

* Bail Outs...

* Green Projects went BROKE wasting our money...

* Obummer-Care...

* Gas Prices $1.85 Gal. Now $3.53 Gal...

* 20 weeks Unemployment now 37 weeks...

* Poverty rate: 16% HIGHEST since 1965...

* Food Stamps UP by 11 THOUSAND people per day under Obama watch...

* 'Doubled the debt' of this country's ENTIRE history in just 4 years!....

* 7 of 8 jobs created are PART TIME...

* Changed the 40hr work week to 29 for ObamaCare....

* Hundreds of Companies dropping work hours for employees...

* 54% of Americans now make LESS than $54,000 a year...

* More Billionaires CREATED Under Obama, more POOR people created Under Obama's watch...

* More than 8 Million people STOPPED looking for work....
There is NOT enough space on TMZ to list allllll the DESTRUCTIVE things this President is doing to this country, yet those still IGNORANT to the facts, will keep going the 'OLD' cool route... Obama.
The Stats are there.... you just have to PAY ATTENTION.

197 days ago


How much longer do WE have to put up with guy??? Someone Please help the USA...If I wanted Socialist I would live in Russia.......Wake up people the novality has worn off ... Right?

197 days ago


Goodell and the other morons (like Obama) who want a name change are being so stupidly PC that it becomes funny. Obama need to try doing his job and stay out of those kind of silly comments.

197 days ago


Indians may be losing but, the last thing that bothered them was their name! Indians were warriors even if the lost or won, ALWAYS, so the name is fitting! Duh!!!!

197 days ago


he would probably rename them the gay pride.i mean really the pc in this country is out of control.this team has been called the redskins for a long time.suddenly its time to change the name.i get so sick of the "its 2013 so (insert what ever cause you are for here)"

197 days ago


Well, if his Royal Anus has his way, he'll see that it's changed! What a freeking creep he is!

197 days ago


So Obama really hasn't been doing nothing but playing golf. He's been working on this very impt issue

197 days ago


obamas name is offensive...who ares about this....get this phkn country in oreder........he is the most offensive president ever elected.......

197 days ago


How about the Washington Injuns (disambiguate from Asian Indians) Or the "Hekawis" (from F-Troop).
Washington "Scalpers". Having multiples meanings; higher prices, exorbitant taxes, etc.

197 days ago


All theses Obama haters hahaha. BESTS PRESIDENT EVER!!!

197 days ago


Political correctness run amok. When is this Country going to return to sanity?

197 days ago


Does President Enward have nothing more important to worry about? Like how UNAFFORDABLE the ACA is?

197 days ago

phil osopher    

Dear Prez,
STFU, you can't even run the damn country but you can stick your nose into the Redskins' business.
I voted for you and can't stand you. You lied to us, went back on your word AND more than half the country feel your doing a SH*tty job. The first Black American elected as President and what do you do, YOU F**KED US OVER AND OVER AND OVER ............AND OVER!!!!

197 days ago
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