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Antonio Davis Divorce

Wife says Stop RAIDING Our Bank Account

10/8/2013 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former NBA player and ESPN analyst Antonio Davis' wife wants out of her marriage, claiming, among other things, her hubby has stolen money from her by raiding their bank account.

Kendra Rae Davis filed legal docs back in June to end their 19-year marriage. Since then she claims Antonio's been blowing through money that belongs to both of them -- she claims that's a bozo no-no while a divorce is pending. 

Here are the stats ... She says since July, Antonio has pulled  $133,510 from their joint checking account. She says he also bought himself a house using $563,041 of joint funds.

Antonio fired back in a letter to her ... the house purchase was in the works before divorce papers were filed, so tough.

Kendra wants Antonio to pay back the loot  -- and pay her legal bills, too.

We've reached out to Antonio ... but haven't heard back.

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No Avatar

Dead account Delete at will    

Does she do anything? Has she had a career or put money into the account or has she just been sucking his wang like a money wh0re? Give us the whole scoop? Need to know if shes deserving of any of it

389 days ago


married or not he can spend whatever he wants since he earned it himself. I bet she doesn't have a job.

389 days ago


She says since July, Antonio has pulled $133,51O.OO from their joint checking account . She says he also bought himself a house using $563,O41.OO of joint funds.........................HAHAHAHA WHY DO PEOPLE STILL GET MARRIED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

389 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

I'd go to prison or become homeless before I gave a nickel to a money hungry exe

389 days ago


If it was a couple of years of marriage, I'd be on his side, but a 19 year marriage is a different story. That means for 19 years she has had to put up with alot of crap and she is entitled to her cash. Trust me, I hate to side with the women who demand cash from their ex's, and thats because most of them only married for money and only stuck around for a couple years and then expect half of everything.

389 days ago


Wow! I bet she earned a total of $0 towards their joint money. The nerve of some people! Yes why you are married consider it both your money but as soon as its over its not any more and its sad courts do not see it that way. If she was his manager or what not different story but being a lady of leisure is not a job title!

389 days ago

all about the money    

Ah so yet another case of whats his is hers and whats hers is hers. Probably paranoid that the more he spends the less she will get once the divorce is finalized. If she does have her own career and contributes to the house hold income then I take back what I said, but otherwise sounds like sour grapes because she expects to profit from the divorce and he is spending her profits.

389 days ago


Geover youself sweet cheeks. He made tha money, so he can spend the money as he see's fit!!!

389 days ago


Is she the same chick who evicted Kim Zolciak from the mansion?

389 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

here's an idea lady: get your own job and your own bank acct.
oh yea i forgot, she's one of those golddiggers... i may as well ask her to grow wings and fly to the moon.

389 days ago


The Gold Digger is mad about the Bread Winner spending THEIR money. Fcuk you bitch.

389 days ago


That biittcchh didn't bring in no revenue!!!

389 days ago


What position did she play for the Pacers? Newsflash: "Missionary" doesn't earn as much as "Power Forward".

389 days ago

Rich Guzinya    

I'm sure she worked really hard earning that money. Remember when she fought and battled guys like Patrick Ewing and Alonzo Mourning in the paint? Yeah, me neither.

389 days ago


As far as I know that is HIS money!! He earn it!! go and get a job lady.

389 days ago
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