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Bruce Jenner

Sons THRILLED With Separation

10/10/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Jenner
's 2 boys blame Kris Jenner for robbing them of their father and they are more than happy over the split ... sources connected to the family tell TMZ.

Brody and Brandon Jenner became estranged from their dad when he married Kris in 1991.  They were raised by their mom, Linda Thompson and David Foster, who married Linda after she divorced Bruce.  We're told the boys were devastated, and believed their real dad abandoned them.

What's more ... our sources say Brody and Brandon believe Kris is the one who convinced Bruce to jettison them, in favor of his new family.  They have bitter feelings toward Kris, which endure even today.

We're told Brody and Brandon know ... Bruce didn't pay child support for 10 years, and after that only $1,500 a month.  Again, they believe Kris was pulling the strings.

So now Bruce is living in Malibu, close to Brody and Brandon, and they are reconnecting with Bruce in what we're told is "an adult relationship." 

Here's what no one will say out loud --  Bruce got sick of being alienated from his children, and one benefit of the separation is to rebuild and make good.

One final thing ... you may wonder why Brody and Brandon have appeared on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," a show driven by Kris.  We're told the boys have done everything they could to get close to their dad, and they felt if the show filled that bill ... so be it.



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Bruce Jenner Sons THRILLED With Separation..................ME TOO AND I'M WAITING FOR KENDALL AND KYLIE TO HIT 18, LIFE IS GOOD, ISN'T IT :-)

376 days ago


Bruce kind of looks like a lesbian

376 days ago


bruce, made his choice to go along with kris in abandoning his boys, and not wanting to support them. he is no better than kris. money is everything to her and while she and bruce lived it up in style, he wouldnt even pay child support, then paid a small amount. bruce and kris both are disgusting people. she has money now, so she doesnt need him any more. i read where she didnt visit her mother until it was used as a story line for their show. they may change their outward appearance and try to spin the truth, but they are and always will be so ugly on the inside.

376 days ago


I'm glad for his sons. Hopefully Kendall & Kylie haven't been permanently corrupted by their mother. Kris doesn't care if her minor daughters are being sexualized too young, just as long as it brings in the money. She doesn't care what any of her daughters do or who they date.

376 days ago


He needs to take his 2 biological daughters with him I can tell its the kartrashians verses the jenner girls! Kim has her kartrashian gang! Kendall and kylie are different they really need to get away,I could tell Kim does not like them

376 days ago


Bruce Jenner never paid child support? Never? Then he is one really sh*tty dad. He can blame it on Kris Kartrashian, but he is the one at fault. He either loved his kids enough to help them live a better life or he didn't. If he didn't then he's just a loser and if he's trying to blame someone else then he's an even bigger loser.

376 days ago


Bruce is transitioning to a female. That's the reason for the separation. It has nothing to do with his kids.
The boys have no careers so they whored themselves to be on the show for the money. Bruce is obviously still tight fisted. If money weren't an issue they would hate Bruce as well.

Brandon's GF is much more annoying than Kris. Her voice and her baby talk makes me sick.

376 days ago

Be a little inappropriate~    

Lol plz bruce is a grown ass man if he wanted to see his kids he would have.

376 days ago


"Bruce got sick of being alienated from his children."

Really? After 22 years. LOL. Once a deadbeat, always a deadbeat. Go ƒüçk yourself Bruce.

376 days ago


I'm shocked! I used to think he was a good guy and actually admired him...but "no child support for ten years?" SERIOUSLY he was getting ahead and probably always driving a nice car while the mother was caring for HIS KIDS on her own?? Not only that, when you grow up and look back it really hurts that your own parent thought it was ok to live in a different class than you and not provide for you. I'm disappointed...thought he was a Bette person.

376 days ago


Since when is $1500 per month...hardly any money? Sounds suspicious TMZ. We all know how strict California courts are on child-support and alimony. Doubt the mom wouldn't have taken Bruce to court and when she finally did she would have received back payments. Maybe there was no paternity test for 10 years.

376 days ago


good for bruce, and piss on kris.

376 days ago


what happened to the first wife? the one who worked and supported bruce , while he pursued him dream of being gold medal winner. he dumped her after he won and got in with the hollywood scene, where he met the boys mother. did he have children with the first wife?

376 days ago


Here's the other thing that's not being said: Bruce Jenner has always had his own bank account, his own career, and his own mind. If he didn't pay child support for 10 years, then HE and he alone made that decision. You can understand that they kids would want to blame the evil stepmom for "convincing him", but there's it right there: if Bruce let Kris "convince him not to pay child support", he's a weak and feeble and dishonourable man. Shifting the blame aka "she made me do it, I didn't want to" is just pathetic, really pathetic.

But then we've always known Bruce was a pathetic, path-of-least-resistance guy happy to be ***** whipped cos it meant he could attend his hobbies and do nothing else.

PATHETIC, Bruce Jenner!

376 days ago


I definitely believe this story is true but I have to wonder who the source is. I kinda think it was Kris (to subtly tarnish Bruce's rep) which is al kinds of screwed up.

376 days ago
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