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Adrian Peterson

Strong Fan Support

During Metrodome Arrival

10/13/2013 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adrian Peterson arrived to the Metrodome this morning with his game face on -- and fans waiting outside gave AP tons of love for showing up.

Peterson is set to face the Carolina Panthers any moment now -- and judging by the video ... fans inside the arena are gonna go OFF when AP hits the field.

As we previously reported ... Adrian insisted on playing in today's game following the death of his 2-year-old son and earlier today said, "God wants good to come from it."

He added, "We mourn and grieve but heaven had the baddest welcoming party for my son ... That knowledge gives me peace."

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No Avatar


He had never even met the boy!! How does he need sympathy?

374 days ago


I'm not a fan of his, but my prayers are with him.

374 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

God speed AP. With that said GO PANTHERS!

374 days ago


Father of the year

374 days ago


AP had just learned that this was his son about 2 mos ago. The mother had claimed someone else was the father but after paternity testing ruled that man out she knew it was Adrian's. He didn't question it, he started to support her and the boy. Had plans set to go visit him...then this happened. So people who say why should he get sympathy cause he had never met the boy....He didn't KNOW THE BOY WAS HIS! He was robbed of meeting the son he didn't know he had. Robbed by a sick man who thought it was okay to beat a 2 year old baby to death.
It's a sad situation, but comments like Heather's piss me off.
RIP little angel, you were taken from this world far too young and in such a horrible cir***stances.

374 days ago


I hope he doesn't milk this because why does he need sympathy? He never even met the kid! Maybe if he was a more involved father this wouldn't have happened. I get he just found out the boy was his but he still had a few months to get involved. My heart goes out to the boy though because no child deserves that.

374 days ago


"GOD wants good to come of this"? That's some magical thinking. Which god -- Thor? Zeus? Maybe god's a Panthers fan who wanted AP to have a good game.
God. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha. Here's a 10 minute piece by a brilliant man about god taking children. Enjoy!!


374 days ago


I found his first interview to the press weird and rather emotionless for someone who just lost his son. He seemed more emotionally tied to the game. I didn't judge him, we all grieve differently, but I thought it odd behavior. It was good to get a reason for that behavior when I found out he'd never met his son.

I don't want talk bad about him. He still lost someone who was his blood, whether he knew him or not. But I don't think the media should jump into this hero worship game like he's so mighty and strong for doing this.

He didn't know his son at all. Let's not make this like it's something incredible he's overcoming to play today. How about someone mention the mother's name, someone whose really be affected and destroyed by this, not AP's. He's really not even part of this.

What is the mother's name, media?

374 days ago

Mike L    

He may have been from your sperm, but you were not his father. This child had no father.

374 days ago


I do not agree with the people judging him because he didn't show enough emotion and he's playing football today. The man had literally found out 2 months ago that the kid was his and hadn't even met him yet. You can only show so much emotion for someone you don't know. What happened is horrific and no child should ever have to suffer like that. But it doesn't make him a bad guy for not having the emotions everyone expects.

374 days ago

She's baaaack    

Was his parentage confirmed by DNA? I'm just curious because the mama didn't seem to know who the daddy was. He stepped up when she told him, so I was just curious. Also, everyone saying it doesn't matter because he didn't even know the child, but that sort of adds to the tragedy because he never will know him now, never saw his face, never saw him move, never got to see himself in the child or even tough him. I think it's really tragic, since he was probably just putting the child in his life. I hope the bastard who did this is already getting stomped by all the fat guys. I also hope the mother is held responsible.

374 days ago


How does he even know if the kid was his son? They didn't do a DNA test, right?

374 days ago


Damage control!!!

374 days ago

The world is disgusting    

He has more support from his fans than he gave his dying son. What a a$$hole.

374 days ago


Loser. This joker couldn't find the time to know his son. So important to play a football game. priorities I guess.

374 days ago
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