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Josh Marks Mom

Schizophrenia Diagnosis

Killed My Son

10/13/2013 11:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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"MasterChef" star Josh Marks was diagnosed with schizophrenia 24 hours before committing suicide ... so says his mother, who claims the thought of dealing with more mental issues put him over the edge.

Marks' mom Paulette Mitchell is saying the reality star completed an out-patient treatment program Thursday -- where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia ... according to a family rep.

Mitchell first told the Chicago Tribune the chef had finally come to terms with his bipolar disorder ... but "couldn't bear the thought of another diagnosis."

Paulette claims Marks was upset about the doctors assessment ... so she spent the night with him and left the next afternoon to pick her daughter up from school.

A few hours later ... she received a phone call from a family member saying people had called saying Josh was walking through a nearby alley clutching a gun.

Mitchell says she rushed over to the alleyway to find him -- but instead discovered her son dead from a gunshot wound ... with a revolver at his side.

His mother also admits ... some of the Marks' delusions centered around Gordon Ramsay, and that's why he told cops back in July that the chef had possessed his body when he got arrested.
The family is hoping to start a foundation in his honor to help mental illness awareness.


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If you're too f-ing crazy to handle the diagnosis of being crazy, you SHOULD kill yourself.

376 days ago

Rosa Hines    

My last pay check was $11500
working 10 hours a week online. My brothers friend has been averaging 18k for
months now and she works about 18 hours a week. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it ..........

376 days ago


Yes, very sad. But how do you leave a mentally unwell person alone with access to a gun. Search him, search the apartment, tell all his friends not to give him a gun, take all his money, hire a sitter. Anything, but don't leave him alone with a gun!

376 days ago


Don't be so quick to pass judgement on the Mother. I don't think she is saying it was Ramsey's fault. I think she is just confirming that some of Josh's delusions were centered on Ramsey.

376 days ago

Rosa Hines    

My last pay check was $11500
working 10 hours a week online. My brothers friend has been averaging 18k for
months now and she works about 18 hours a week. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it ..........

376 days ago


I watched him on master chef and he was amazing. Loved him. No one could tell he had mental illness just by looking at him. This issue needs to be given more publicity.

376 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Mental illness does not happen all of a sudden, so I'm sure it was coming on for quite a while for that poor young man. The mother had to have known. For some people it's like being haunted. I don't mean this in a flip way or in an insensitive way but especially with depressive illnesses sometimes suicide is the only way to stop the horrible things taking over one's mind. I hope he's at peace now.

376 days ago


very sad ending to what could have been a happy and productive life, too bad he couldn't accept and deal with his illness

376 days ago


The mom doesn't blame G Ramsey, she blames his reaction to the diagnosis. The fact that his delusions centered around GR is simply a fact, one that it sounds like she was not rushing to confirm.

376 days ago

Fred Farkel    

My father had the same diagnosis 45 years ago. Luckily he had some money and the house was paid off - otherwise he would have been in the street.

My dad even got some crazy Costa Rican gal to marry him.

376 days ago



376 days ago

Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

It's Gordon Ramsey's fault. He's enough to drive anyone crazy.

376 days ago


Good forthe family to Honor him this way, couragous inDeed! Sad for All involved.

376 days ago

Ronald Jensen    

I am absolutely stunned by the lack of empathy/sympathy for this man and his family. Mark had to endure a living hell with first diagnosis. Compound this with additional diagnosis of bi-polar disorder. I don't agree with his response but fully understand what he did and why. Rest in peace mark. Good thoughts coming your way mom and family.

376 days ago


Mental illness is very serious condition and yet very manageable if you go and get help and take meds and have a support group or system. However there are those who slip thru the cracks and tragedy happens before they get help. People should be mentally screened before allowed to buy guns, and he should not have had access to a gun.Another thing when you suffer from schitzophrenia certain things trigger it , it could be a person or a place in this case his mother said it was G Ramsey thats all. His dullusions evolved around him. That is why you here about these sick people sometimes saying they are married to a famous person or stalk a famous person not in every case but just giving an example. In this case he thought G ramsey posessed him. Good luck to his family may he rest in peace and hopefully there is more focus in this country on mental illness

376 days ago
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