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Christina Applegate's Husband


Over Alleged Pap Fight

10/14/2013 6:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Christina Applegate's rock star husband was detained by police in Studio City yesterday after allegedly roughing up a photog ... but the Porno for Pyros bassist insists the pap crossed the line by taking photos of his child.

The video begins with rocker Martyn LeNoble being approached by police on a street corner in broad daylight -- he was detained, and patted down.

LeNoble -- who was not handcuffed and not arrested -- then begins to tell his side of the story ... insisting a paparazzo (not a TMZ guy) tried shooting photos of his wife and 2-year-old daughter at a birthday party.

LeNoble says, "I went outside to talk to him and he got physical with me ... he wouldn't back off."

At one point, LeNoble says the pap challenged him to a fight in a back alley -- saying, "Let's see what kind of man you are."

Eventually, LeNoble was released and sent on his way without further incident ... though it sounds like he may try to take legal action against the snapper.

Celebs are clearly drawing a line in the sand about kids and it's creating a lot of issues, because there are some photographers that are not backing down.

As far as the pap is concerned, law enforcement tells us the guy isn't pressing charges.


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liberal racist    

one of these days a pap will be murderded.

374 days ago


"Lets go to the back alley and show me what kind of man you are."

Ummm what??

374 days ago


These photogs need to cease photographing children .

374 days ago


Every ttime there is a story about a photog who gets in a fight or crosses a line, it is always pointedout that it's "not a TMZ guy". And as always, I believe you. ; )

374 days ago


I dont understand the paps! Why would they get someone in trouble who is esentially paying their bills!?!? I mean come on give it a rest im sure if half the paps w ere nicer celebs wouldnt have a problem with them but they jave become to intrusive!

374 days ago

nipples mugee    

Why are all pap's snitches Seems they can't wait to drop a dime the littlest of altercation's.. What gives ? .

374 days ago


im sure its ok for this creepy druggie unknown (w.A.m) to react or fight the paps.. its only wrong when they enter the property of kanya and he defends his family......
dont worry creepy druggy unknown drunk person, the public is made out of hypocrite, double standard and idiots so all will be forgiven.....
you being a white American male, you're allowed to be a grown child, indulge in your stupidity and blame others for your failures, all while judging them for their struggle and lack of sure its Obama's fault and kanya's bad behavior is the reason all this is happening to "poor you"....

374 days ago

Mike D.    


374 days ago

lord flashheart    

He just did what every dad or mom would do.

374 days ago


Would not make a great pet.

374 days ago


AGAIN with the (not a TMZ guy) . . . which is BS because TMZ would buy any photo that showed someone in a bad light . . . they are ALL "TMZ guys"! . . . . .TMZ needs to take responsibility for these over the top s***bag photographers bugging people, as they pay them for photos, thus creating the whole 'shark at the kill' scenario.

374 days ago


Clearly he's a newbie to the pap game. A lot TRY to rile celebs.. or in this case celeb-by-association --so they catch the footage. You don't go outside and ask tem to stop or engage with them..


Christina makes boatloads of money from her fame.. and paps make boatloads photographing her (and other celebs)..


If celebs don't like it, then perhaps they picked the wrong career?


And for all they hypocrites who visit TMZ daily (or other gossip sites, plus buy magazines like People, Life & Style, etc) -- to mock and rag on the paps on THIS site -- a celeb gossip site that buys footage from other sources plus has their own paps -- it's just laughable..


TMZ gets pics and videos from the paps.. so clearly you like the paps "work" or you wouldn't be constantly on this site. lol

374 days ago


And it didn't take long for the hypocrites to jump up and spew their nonsense.. ON TMZ -- A GOSSIP SITE -- which uses photos/videos from......... the PAPS.. You guys are hilarious!

374 days ago


Let's see -- any non-famous adult male in Washington, D.C. decides to hit someone with a camera (may be a professional, may be a tourist) in public where there are lots of kids at the monuments? Yeah no. That's assault. WTH are these celebrities thinking?

374 days ago


If a member of the paparazzi defames you, would you call it a pap smear ?

374 days ago
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