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Casey Kasem's Wife

I Still Do His Toenails

10/15/2013 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Casey Kasem's wife Jean insists she's taking great care of her ailing hubby, right down to giving him manicures and pedicures.

Jean has just filed legal docs through her lawyer, Marshall Grossman, -- docs obtained by TMZ -- challenging the attempt by Casey's 3 kids from a prior marriage to win a conservatorship.  The kids say Jean has not allowed them to see their dad -- who has advanced Parkinson's and early onset of dementia -- for months and they fear he's not being properly cared for.

Jean says the kids are ingrates who have sponged off their dad for years.  Jean says she and Casey have loaned the kids approx $100k-$150k PER YEAR over many years to pay for their school, housing, cars, parking tickets, travel and other stuff.  Jean also says she sent Julie $50k back in July, 2000 and it was never repaid, and that's just one example.

Jean says if there's a need for a conservator, it should be her.  Casey's kids say they have a power of attorney from 2007 that gives them control over his health care, but Jean says that document was nullified by a subsequent health care directive in 2011 giving her control.



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Mr. Pukey    

And drain his checking account...

340 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Like Jim Carrey would say....... KEENKEE!

340 days ago


Either way ``THIS is sad!!!!
We only have 1 life!!
I'm sure Kasey wouldn't ``` want it this way!!
Some families ``` BLOW!!!!

340 days ago


Thank God he is so sick he doesn't know what's going on. I believe his wife is not letting the children in to see him because she knows they are looking at anything to get her out of the picture so they can pick his pockets to the bitter end. I pray he has no idea of what is going on around him because it would break his heart.

340 days ago

Jay W.     

$$$$$$$$$$ <<<< that's all anyone ever sees.

340 days ago


I don't think the kids should have pushed for something like conservatorship. Makes them seem greedy as opposed to they just want to see him. It's not like the wife has only been around for a year and is taking him away to get his money. They've been married for years and she likely knows what is best. At most, they should file for some sort of forced visitation.

340 days ago


The only thing that matters is she is keeping his kids from seeing their father. She is wrong and the courts should step in.

340 days ago


Getting to sound as if the kids are trying to get conservatorship of Casey's money before he dies. You don't need conservatorship just to visit. They could petition the Court for a court ordered visit and have a court investigator check on their father's care. This is sounding more like they are eager to gain control of the money.

340 days ago


They should still be allowed to see their father. If the kids were willingly loaned or given money, they weren't stealing. That stuff can all be settled later. Now, it's time to be a family. No money should change hands and doesn't have to. Just a visit with their father.

340 days ago


Casey Kasem's Wife
I Still Do His Toenails.................RED NAIL POLISH I HEAR

339 days ago


I don't trust Jean....

but I have questions...where did Mike and the blonde dude from Santa Cruz go....they both just disappeared from TMZ

339 days ago

Los Pepes    

Keep your stars on the ground and keep reaching for the feet

339 days ago

who dat    

This reinforces why this site has turned to sh*t. Is this the best you guys can do? If so, pack it up and go home, cause it's over.

339 days ago


I'm sorry, Kasey "LOANED" his kids money for schooling. Coughcough, really, Jean, is Liberty demanding a loan for school also? I can see the other things but as a father he should be paying for schooling when it's his own kids and he has the money to do so.

339 days ago


There's always two sides to every story and Jean has her point of view. Courts will decide but unless the kids have proof of abuse or fiscal mismanagement against the legal wife, I don't see how the court will side with the kids over her.

339 days ago
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