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Casey Kasem

His Mind Is Gone

10/17/2013 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Kasem
is in terrible shape ... his mind is almost gone and he's unable to function -- this according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.

The document outlines the mental state of the legendary founder of "America's Top 40" radio program.  According to the examining physician, Casey has

-- major impairment to short term, long term and immediate recall memory

-- major impairment to verbally communicate

-- major impairment to perform simple calculations, plan simple tasks and reason logically.

-- severe disorganized thinking

-- moderate hallucinations

The document was filed by Julie, one of Casey's daughters who is trying to become conservator.  Casey's wife of 33 years, Jean, is fighting the move to take control away from her.

The doctor says Casey has been sliding downhill for the last 3 to 4 years.  He's suffering from advanced Parkinson's and dementia.



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Dementia is a horrible disease. My grandfather passed away from it. The Nam flashbacks were frightening. Dementia is painful for everyone involved. It's nothing to laugh about. Praying for Casey Kasem and his family. Hopefully he will pass as peacefully as possible.

309 days ago


Leave the guy alone TMZ, you losers are nothing more than vultures! Have a little respect

309 days ago

Elizabeth A Owens    

This is sad beyond belief. For so many in my generation, he was THE 80s! Some of my most cherished childhood memories involve loling around on a Saturday morning listening to Kasey count down the latest hits, and read long distance dedications. And another door to childhood closes.

I don't know what the deal is with Jean Kasem, but for her purposely keep away THE CHILDREn from their father is just wrong. The fact that he is so ill makes it even worse. Yes, i know they say his mind is gone, but even the WORST dementia cases have flashes of recognition. At the very least, they deserve the right to tell their father goodbye.

309 days ago


I think it's horrible for Jean to use money as the reason she won't allow the kids to see their own father!!! It sounds like blackmail to me. Jean claims one of the kids owes $50,000 from a past loan. She should be arrested and locked away in prison if that's what she's doing!!!

309 days ago


I always take the side of the kids.

The now-adult-kids.

Who get shunted-aside, forgotten -

... when the-old-man's career takes off -

And he finds a-hot-little-twist to call all his own.

Twist moves in - sets up shop, etc.

First thing to go in the house-cleaning/sweep?

...The kids.

Julian Lennon should show up for this one.

Maybe play a couple sets over in Holmby Hills.

309 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

How sad.

309 days ago



Wonder if Jean'd like to share some of his pins.

You know, with his natural born children.

309 days ago


The more noise on this one the better.

Since I'm a noise expert -

Expect me to be around this n with my tambourine.

309 days ago


None of my business but I do wonder what would make their father so angry he would take them out of his will? I think there's more to this story than Jean saying they can't see their father. I feel sorry for him having to deal with such a dreadful disease. He doesn't deserve to be disrespected in the media with headlines such as this one. Shame on TMZ.

309 days ago


sad now more then ever jean and the kids need for caseys sake to try and make some peace before its too late for the longer they fight the more time less to spend with casey as a family

309 days ago


I'm starting a new business called:


This way something like this and Julian Lennon'll never ever happen again.

It works like this:

Your career catches fire, everyone wants you, peeps throwing cash-dollars at you left-and-right.

So you come to me, and to RENT-A-BABE.

We LEASE you out a woman for one year - we sterilize her - any problems you return her to us.

Any funny/legal business - any silly claims on her part?

She sues RENT A BABE - not the home-boy.

Had RENT-A-BABE been in place thirty years back, forty years back?

Both Casey's adult children - good people all -

As WELL as Julian Lennon?

Retain all rights, governorship, house keys.

At the end of Year One - simply return R.A.B. to us.

Choose YEAR TWO girl -

"You Play We Pay."

309 days ago


we put our animals to sleep when they are suffering.....
that we let people live in this f'ed up condition is obscene, expensive and does NO one ANY good.
let's draw out and extend the messed up.

309 days ago


I think this is inappropriate, we have no need to know his mental condition, he's been out of the public eye for many years

309 days ago


Rent-A-Babe p.s.

SAME holds true for all y'all wealthy Diva's out there.

Gaga, Brit, Miley, Cher et al.

Instead of bringing in a homey you'll only keep around for a kid or two?


Return him to us at the end of year one.

And he can't get y'all pregnant, you know...

- start playing "Dad" at all the kid's soccer games, etc.-

He's sterile as well.

Hot, mind you ... but sterile.

We'll send you our Year Two Brochure

309 days ago


Oh and I'm penning my latest joint for when Julian comes out:

"Jean Changed The Locks So The Kids Can't Come In."

Name of my new band?


Love em!

Have one in my own family!

309 days ago
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