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I Really Don't Give a Crap About Britney

10/17/2013 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He has two sons with her, but beyond that ... Kevin Federline couldn't give two craps about Britney Spears. Seriously.

Federline was out in L.A. yesterday when we asked him a bunch of questions about his famous baby mama -- her new music video, her Vegas show -- but K-Fed made it very clear ... he's moved on with his life ... and Britney's not a part of it.

FYI, it's been 7 years since they split ... so it kinda makes sense.


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i will have to say that he has taken care of the kids and been there when she couldnt (health issues) and he never has spoken badly or commented badly about her. not for money or attention.

340 days ago

Dorothy Lisa Barcenez-Miller    

dont give a **** but he sure took her money!
gold digger!!

340 days ago


He seems like he has become a pretty decent guy. He never said he does not care about her, he does not care to answer questions about her. Seems like what he does not give a crap about is the press

340 days ago


all he should have said is "she is a great mother to my sons and I wish her happiness and success." I am sure Britney is the one that doesn't give a crap about Kevin Federline. He used her to become famous, anyone remember "Lose Control" Teen Choice Awards...yeah neither does anyone else

340 days ago


He may say he doesn't care but if she ever tried to stop those paychecks we'd see how fast he takes her to court and scrutinizes every aspect of her life that he says he doesn't pay attention to. It's nice that the guy is a devoted father but seriously he needs to get a job or do something other than just sit at home all day sponging off his ex while his new wife works, that's not a good example for his kids.

340 days ago


Besides it's not like he said he didn't care he wished her happiness and success. Moving on doesn't mean that he doesn't care because she is still the mother of his children who love and adore her dearly. If anything happened to Britney I'm sure his children would be heart broken and no good father would want to see that.

340 days ago


Way to make him sound like an *******? Maybe he's just tired of TMZ morons asking him the same questions over and over about an ex he had over 5 years ago... I'd probably be fed up with it too

340 days ago


looks like the only thing he doesn't give a crap about is your camera man intruding on his life. in other news, he's lost weight. good for him. hope he's trying to get/stay healthy.

340 days ago


what exactly does this guy do for money besides wait for Britneys check every month?

340 days ago


Yet another non story and a headline that completely spins what actually happens in the video.

Tmz you're better than this... Is Harvey on vacation or something?

340 days ago


He needs to STFU and be grateful Britney was a part of his useless blob life. She gave him 2 great sons and hooked his azz up financially for the rest of his hill billy life. He is an ungrateful POS.

340 days ago


He give a crap about those checks she sends him every month.

340 days ago


well her money is a part of his life.because she supports him,his wife and all of his kids.

340 days ago


I am sure that he gladly takes the Support checks that she sends him every month. This guy is a Frukin Loser

340 days ago


But he does care about that child support check he gets every month, so he can sit home on his ass! Being that she is the children's mother he should have more respect..

340 days ago
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