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Kylie & Kendall

Booze Officials Try

To Crack Jenner Mystery

10/18/2013 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

and Kylie Jenner are the new Heisenberg -- The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has become OBSESSED with figuring out if they were up to no good when they entered a 21-and-over bar ... according to the bar.

As we reported, there are conflicting accounts about whether 17-year-old Kendall and 16-year-old Kylie used fake IDs to enter a 21-and-over L.A. nightclub Tuesday night.

Kris Jenner insists they were admitted without IDs, but the manager of Vignette lounge is adamant the girls presented fake IDs at the door, and claims he didn't even know who they were.

Now, the ABC has become involved in a big way.  People at the bar believe the ABC wouldn't waste its time on some underage Joe Schmo, but since it's the Jenner sisters ... the ABC has become aggressively determined to expose the truth, which would send a loud message to underage drinkers everywhere.

We're told the ABC has requested video surveillance footage from the nightclub, which they hope will show the Jenner sisters showing IDs at the door. The club is cooperating with authorities, but it's unclear if the surveillance video contains anything incriminating.



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Hark, I hear the sound of a family crumbling.

372 days ago


They are "kardashians" so of course they were up to no good.

372 days ago


Authorities should arrest them immediately - then take their time and build a solid case that will hold up in any court. Meanwhile the "young k's" can get a close look at where the rest of the KKK is heading...

372 days ago


Fake and boring. Zzzzz.

372 days ago


Who cares. They are brats and their mother is a wretched old woman who would sell them and their souls to the highest bidder.

372 days ago


Wow the Kardashians are going to destroy someone's business. I understand the business should have known better than to let them in BUT....they know the paps are on their heels and their every move...why ruin someone's life because a 16 and 17 yr old wants to go out.....selfish selfish people. Not saying I never went to 21 and over club/bars when I was younger, BUT I was not followed constantly!!!

372 days ago


fake ID is something teens have always done, the problem her lies with Scott & Khloe who took them to the club, that just shows you how dumb and irresponseable those two are and Harvey is right, the club knew who they are, how stupid is the club to risk their liquor license and fines to let these high profile teens in

372 days ago


My take - fake id's or not, the club is responsible for letting them in - fine them. Scott and Khloe - ticket them (or whatever you do to adults) for taking them to this club. Kendall and Kylie - do whatever it is you do to minors when you catch them doing something like this. All three parties have a responsibility in what happened and all three should get some type of punishment.

372 days ago


Sloots.... Impregnated by black men in 5...4...3...2.....

372 days ago

How freakin hard is to charge them with entering the bar when there's pictures of them inside? These girls are heading down the wrong path but look at who their role models are?

372 days ago

liquid kitty    

Perhaps it's time to remove them to foster care.

372 days ago


Spoiled brats. What incompetent parenting!

372 days ago


Underage drinking has been going on for years. Unless these two are going to Juvy or Scott and/or Khloe are going to be arrested, who the hell cares? Celebs and celebutard children think they are above the rest of us and can get away with everything. It's pretty much true. So, unless our society changes the way we think and actually start realizing that most celebs are celebs thanks to us (the regular folk) and make them pay like we will, why should anyone really care anymore?

372 days ago


I know this may be shocking to learn...but if you're leaving a club at 2 a.m., drinking or not, you might look tired! Dancing, wearing heels for hours, being "on" - it takes a ton of energy. And...the photogs caught them in mid-blink/movement. No one looks good in those. I know, just shocking!

372 days ago

Molly's Mom    

I would not put it past Kris for setting this whole thing up and using her children as pawns

372 days ago
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