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Justin Bieber

Yo Soy Un Bandido

10/20/2013 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's not like he's O.J. Simpson ... but Justin Bieber took the law and a Dos Equis into his own hands Friday night in Houston. 

Biebs was partying at Nox Houston before grabbing a piece of ass at a local strip club ... which could explain why JB was so handsy around the nudie dancers.

FYI -- It's illegal to drink in Texas if you're not 21. 

The bar management claim they never served him alcohol ... but as far as we know Speedy Gonzalez wasn't racing around the bar handing out Dos Equis.


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Bieber was partying at Nox Houston before grabbing a piece of ass at a local strip club.................i Knew She Was Lesbian

369 days ago


Beibs needs the Strip Club he needs to get a few Baby Mama's to Up his Street Cred.

369 days ago


He's going to be a mess here in a few years

369 days ago


Such a thug, the fact that he surrounds himself with black guys means that he's hardcore yo, pure thug life. Word.

369 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Smh. Deport this girl. He/she has no respect for American laws. An illegal immigrant who comes to this country to simply work has more respect for this country. Geez.

369 days ago


That's a shame that someone has to snitch that JB had a beer if he did even have a beer.. Its like so what mind your pwn business. For Real tho someone did this juat to make a buck . Its all bout money

369 days ago


Bieber was partying and enjoy

i just buy a indian dress really very traditional i like it.

369 days ago


He went out and had a beer he's 19 so what, plenty of people do underage drinking. If you want to be the snitch and say he's drinking you a bitch! It's a damn shame a white person can't be cool or have actual friends that are black without being considered to try to be something. Calling him gay , or he a lesbian like grow the **** up. He has a dick and balls and eats *****. He's pants are sagging so what at least he has a pair of fresh, probably expensive underwear on. Where i'm from dudes be sagging much more than that and rocking some dirty ass, hole in them underwear looking crustier than Flavor Flave. He got money,he's rich , and fame all around the world. Your opinion is irrelevant to Justin Bieber. Dudes hate him because they want o be him.

369 days ago

BIEBER GO HOME!!! ▬(~_-)▬►    

That Proves It....That's A T-Girl,Cross Dresser Or Chick With A D*CK.

Why Does This Not Surprise & Look, It's Black.

369 days ago


this guy is a big douche bag, he represents well kids from this generation who thinks it's cool to be black, gangsta and have hip hop mentality, can't wait to see him hit rock bottom the day he realizes how everyone thinks he's a total idiot

369 days ago


I am shocked the lesbian had her shirt on and pants not around her knees. I hope the bar loses their liquor license over this, same with the bar that let the only good looking although not yet legal half Kardashians get hammered.

369 days ago


rot in hell

369 days ago

The Real JJ    

I cant say Sh** i did the same thing at 19.

369 days ago


He is just a little Bitch!!!!!!

369 days ago

hank hill    

She wants the sex with the gold chain bro.

369 days ago
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