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Jon Cryer's Ex-Wife

Rich Kids are Humiliating Our Son

I Need $88K a Month

10/25/2013 6:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1024-jon-cryer-sarah-trigger-gettyJon Cryer's ex wife claims their 13-year-old son is becoming the object of scorn and ridicule at his exclusive private school because the other kids have a caviar lifestyle and she's forced to live in the world of spam ... and that's why she's asking a judge to squeeze $88k a month from Jon in child support.

Get ready to throw something at the computer (or mobile device), 'cause this is gonna piss you off.

Sarah Trigger has been getting a measly $8,000 a month in child support since 2010. It galls her that Jon is making a fortune on "Two and a Half Men" -- she claims $2 mil a month!  

Sarah says life is awful.  She says her son Charlie can't afford the ritzy summer camps his friends attend.  She says Charlie's friends go on "exotic vacations in the summer and winter like Europe and Thailand."  He can't go. 

It gets worse. Sarah says Charlie's friends at The Buckley School have "huge birthday parties at expensive places like Sky High Sports and they invite the entire grade."  And worst of all ... the Bar Mitzvahs. Sarah says, "Last year there were multiple Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs all with custom invitations, a dress code and huge private receptions afterward."

Sarah says Charlie is feeling the pain, and so is she.  Sarah says when she got child support back in 2010, she only had custody 4% of the time ... and that's why she only got $8,000 a month.  Now she has custody 50% of the time, so she wants a cool $88,969 a month.  

The 69 is clearly for Jon.


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I find it hard to believe that if his son, wants for anything..He probably only has to let his wealthy Dad know what he needs or wants.
The thing with vacations has more to do with the mother not getting their vacations paid for , by the dad...
The Buckley school is high end..Mother probably does feel like she is poor, next to the other families

363 days ago

sua may tinh tai nha    

Rich people have the same money problems

363 days ago


cryer should just take the boy on vacations (just he and the boy) then the Ex, wont need more money. keep child support the same and cryer can get the boy the extras. since it is the boy she says she is concerned about.

363 days ago

Sharalee Myers    

Wow I wish I had some of that money to help a sick friend that has heart problem and leg problems,and a child with a brain tumor. She doesn't complain about money instead she goes the extra mile in helping everyone out. Money doesn't buy happiness. I

363 days ago


What an obnoxious self centered piece of garbage she is. He's so lucky to have her out of his life. I can only imagine what a pain in the azz she must have been when they were married. She should get a job or take her spoiled brat son out of that ritzy school and into a regular class so he can grow up and be a man not a candy azz wuss like all these other rich spoiled brats

363 days ago


8k a month does seem a little low. However, 88k a month is ridiculous. If she only has him half the time, she can't collect like she has him all the time. I do think that Jon is probably footing the bill for the extras for his son.

363 days ago


I think it has more to do with her then the son.

363 days ago


Dumb khunt!

363 days ago


O geez, the man makes at least 40 million in a season on that crap show...why not pay it? Why should his kid only have the "big" life when he visits his father?

363 days ago

The world is disgusting    


363 days ago

billy cema    

What is it she does to earn the lifestyle she demands? She divorces her meal ticket, but want the lifestyle to continue as if she's still married.

Her poor son. He has a lifetime of living to do...with a lazy, calculating mother.

363 days ago

Ted Allen    

Good Lord what a shameless gold digger. If she wanted the BIG bucks she should have stayed in the marriage

363 days ago


hey lady some of us live off less per month,some dont even make that much in a year. If your that worried about it get off your lazy ass and get a job. J-O-B u get your ass out everyday not to the spa you do have a boss who will tell u what to do. What u need bitch is not more support, you need to live a normal life and make ends meet like the rest of the world. Wow 8 grand a month and i need more. Who else would love to have that problem? This slut needs a reality check nothing more

363 days ago


Money grubbing, gold digging BITCH...

363 days ago


omg. unbelievable. my husband died when my kid was 4 and I have worked overtime since just to keep head above water. I would love to have $8000 just one month. I would be so happy. I think I'm going to go to bed and cry. Lady you are so frigging lucky.

363 days ago
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