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Ex 'Dr. 90210' Docs

Kids Split Up in Nasty Custody War

11/1/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two prominent Beverly Hills doctors once featured on "Dr. 90210" are locked in a child custody war involving wild allegations of abuse -- and it all comes to a head this morning ... as the 3 youngest kids will be separated from their older brother ... TMZ has learned.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Evans and dermatologist Dr. Susan Evans' nasty divorce took a dark turn last month when their oldest child filed legal docs, accusing his father of sexually abusing his younger siblings.

According to a request for a temporary restraining order, filed by Brian and Susan's 12-year-old son on Oct. 15 ... Brian touched his 6-year-old son's penis -- and also touched the genitals of their 8-year-old twin daughters.

Further, the eldest son claims Brian "hit me in the face, dragged me for 2 rooms" and threatened to kill the kids and their mom. According to the TRO request, this went down in Oct. 2012 ... a full year before the TRO was filed.

Brian's attorney Errol Gordon tells TMZ ... they not only deny the allegations, but say authorities investigated and disproved them.

In fact, on Oct. 24 the court issued a major modification of child custody ... granting Brian legal custody of all 4 children, and physical custody of the three youngest ones. The handoff is scheduled to happen this morning in L.A. County Family court.

The order also prohibits Susan from having any contact -- "in person, by telephone, text, email, or otherwise" -- with the 3 kids for the next 30 days. The oldest son will continue living with Susan.

After the 30 days, Susan can have 4 monitored visits with the kids -- but no overnights -- and a month after that ... she can ask to modify the custody order.

Sources connected to Susan tell us she is perplexed as to why the judge ordered such a drastic change ... especially in the wake of her son's allegations of abuse.


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Malinda Sherwyn    

Now this very attitude allowed Jerry Sandusky and the Catholic Church to continue raping children year after year...against the grave warnings of parents and witnesses.. Think about this before you cast blame on the protectors of children. Listen to the kids.The cruelty and the automatic casting of blame on the mother in this situation is astounding. Any objective person, if they look at the video of the children being watched by bailiffs at the Court House will see upset, disturbed, anxious children being separated from from their mom and the same mother trying to calm and reassure them that they will be okay. As Court Watchers we have observed that the rulings of a Judges in matters such as this, can be very undependable, to say the least. Sometimes these custody issues are decided inappropriately before hand. Sometimes safe parents are targeted to lose their children if they stand up to protect from battery or molestation and unsafe parents are favored. Family Law and Dependency Courts are run like fiefdoms, not like real courts of law, in which decisions are made, based on the reading and consideration of hard evidence. Too often evidence of mandated reporters such as medical doctors, teachers, police detectives, rape crisis centers is suppressed, ignored, hidden, or altered and NOT ALLOWED on the Family Court Record... Too often, it is the more powerful party that wins custody of the children, based on layers and layers of hearsay, feelings and hunches...Too often the children and their pleas are not heard and they are called "liars." Victim blaming in these situations keep an entire child custody industry at work, collecting fees. According to the Center for Disease Control 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are molested in this country before the age of 18. Stranger Danger is the least of our worries, it represents less than 10% of the problem. Most molestation takes place in the family. Domestic violence and Incest is the major concern and too often the Courts ignore it, cover up evidence as vulnerable children are placed in harms way against the grave concerns and warnings of protective parents. What did this mother do to lose custody of her children? Did she commit a crime? Is she a violent person? Is she an alcoholic/drug abuser? Oh, she believed her children's disclosures of abuse...that is her crime? When the notion that the minds and bodies of children are worth protecting sinks in to the fabric of this will be a better place for kids to live.

268 days ago

Gracee Moon    

It is about time that Family Court Judges start believing protective mothers and stop sending children to live with their abusers.Mothers and their children are suffering every day because, so called family consultant say that the mother is alienating the children and lying about sexual abuse.Children are left to be abused and they are most times only allowed supervised visitation with their primary care taking mother, and sometimes no visitation at all. If all the people who are reading this and blaming the mother, just think again how you would feel if it was you that this was happening too and there was nothing you could do to protect your children. Family Court Judges and their cronies do not care about the children they care about who has the most money to spend in the courts, so called family consultants, gal, lawyers and anyone else involved in a court case, can earn a very large amount of money and so they want the case to keep going.If the mother is denied custody she will not stop fighting till all her money and possessions are gone, which makes all these people a lot of money.Some consultants charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for their court appointed services, parents have no say the court says who will consult about the case.So before you all say the mother is lying think again next time it may be you or someone you care about that this happens to. God Bless the mother and her children and keep the children safe. and may they be together again soon.

268 days ago

evelyn smith    

Suzan knows she lied & made herself look very stupid.
I'm sure when the Judge saw her Joan River's face he knew she was lying. She makes it bad for women who really have husbands' who are abusers. I know her husband who is a wonderful father. The son will need therapy for life. Dr. Brian will do everything in his power to make sure his children become healthy. Did she not know that they would have several therapist speak to her children to find out whom was lying. She is lucky Dr. Brian is a decent person. If it were my brothers' also doctors' I would still be whooping her
butt. How dare you lie on your children's father. Your egregious behavior will not be forgotten by your children. Karma is a b----.

242 days ago


I don't get it. God blesses you with more riches than 99 percent of Americans and yet you cannot divorce with class or act with humbleness at the blessings you have received.

209 days ago

evelyn smith    

The reason all of this is so public is the fact Susan has a Publicist
that has put this story on the first page of a newspaper .
Who does this but a Moron. Dr. Brian is hardly working
because this is not what he is about. He kept this private until his lying wife went public. He still will not even discuss anything trying to protect his children.

130 days ago
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