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'Hatfields & McCoys' Star Sues

I Was Bucked Over On Set

... By Crazy Horse

11/8/2013 4:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who played Jim McCoy on the hit History Channel mini-series "Hatfields & McCoys" claims he was bucked off a horse on the set and suffered serious injuries back in 2011 -- and now he's suing, TMZ has learned.

Thomas McKay -- who also stars in "The White Queen" on Starz -- has filed a lawsuit against the producers of "H&M" claiming they lied to his face when they told him he was in good hands with the on-set horse experts.

According to the suit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Thomas claims the handlers were not only incompetent -- but they put him on a horse that was ill and out of control.

The result -- Thomas claims his horse became uncontrollable during the filming of a scene, bolted, and "subsequently threw [him] into a tree."

McKay claims he suffered serious and permanent injuries -- which caused "great physical, mental and nervous pain."  The exact injuries were not disclosed.

McKay also claims the horses were abused on the set -- which was in Romania.

The 33-year-old actor is suing Hatfield & McCoys Productions, Thinkfactory Media and others for unspecified damages.

Thinkfactory Media had no comment.


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Dead account Delete at will    

I love how its added and they abused the horses to get peta people on his side. Abused how? Describe. Cant just make a open ended claim like that against someone. did they not feed or water them? they beat them? how were they abused? Or is it all BS and hes a dope that fell off the horse?

318 days ago


Did little Tommy suffer a boo-boo. You whiney little bitch, get back on that horse cry baby. I hope you can only sue in a Romanian Court.

318 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Your entitles little actor life couldnt handle any actual work obviously. "Threw you into a tree." Yeah - that sounds so realistic and accurate.

Here's a thought, why didnt YOU prepare yourself for the role and take some damn riding lessons or something.

I hope this nobody cant find work again.

318 days ago


Say goodbye to your career as an actor bud. Producers hate when the pot gets stirred especially by a low level nobody.

318 days ago


being thrown from a horse no big deal. being bitten, that hurts like all get out and they know it too as they hold on and don't let go! newbs and horses gotta laugh maybe he should start off small like a shetland pony and work his way up to full sized qtr horse..

318 days ago


Must have been a homophobic horse.

318 days ago


He's suing two years after the incident happened? Yeah, I'm sure it'll go far. rme

318 days ago

The world is disgusting    

Horses are excellent judges of character. Maybe the horse sensed a d0uchebag!!

318 days ago


i hear the horse nailed him too...

318 days ago


Gotta love how he waited until it was too late for people to boycott the series to mention that the animals were abused... any particular rea$on why he waited $o long? I'd be willing to bet that if the allegation$ are actually true, hi$ contract just happens to be one that gives him more money if the series is successful...

318 days ago


I fail to understand all the abusive and negative comments. Nothing in the rather short TMZ story gives reason or hint for such a response. A number of noted acting professionals, both in the USA and abroad have experienced un-pleasant and sometimes dangerous situations while filming in both the former Yugoslavia and Romania. Now onto the specifics mentioned in the story, any horse, even docile well trained ones can be exceptionally dangerous if ill, and to use any ill horse in any situation would (or should) constitute animal abuse and would go to the reason the horse, even if well trained, would have reacted to any rider in such a manner. Horses can be dangerous.

318 days ago


Maybe you guys should have actually filmed in southern WV and eastern KY where the Hatfields and McCoys were based instead of hauling your money to Romania. Doing a film about the families then not including where it actually happened? Maybe the film was cursed by the offended ghosts! Maybe old Devil Anse smacked that horses ass and made it buck you. I guess it could have been all the historical inaccuracies too.

318 days ago

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