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Charlie Sheen

DCFS Says He's a 'Self-Absorbed' Phony

11/10/2013 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1101-charlie-sheen-tmzCharlie Sheen is a self-absorbed, psychologically screwed-up parent who is quick to blame others for the plight of his twins, but unwilling to step up to the plate ... so claims the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services.

DCFS sources tell TMZ ... they're pissed that Charlie is hurling grenades at everyone involved in the mess that has become his family -- calling Brooke Mueller a "whore," the judge an "anus brain" and DCFS "incompetent and lascivious."

Our DCFS sources -- who work in the trenches -- say Charlie has NEVER made a real move to take custody of Bob and Max.  As one source put it, "He cares more about his drugs and porn stars than he does the kids."

There seem to be 2 schools of thought at DCFS -- one is that Charlie is so psychologically screwed up and angry that he should never have the kids, and the other that he has never given the Dept. the chance to take a serious look at him as a custodial parent.

Either way ... DCFS -- not fans.

5:55 PST -- Charlie just tweeted this picture saying "a day of miracles on a field of dreams ... hashtag a real modern family."



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He's a mother ****in genius. He lost his mind and his job. He bounced back from all his bs and is still on tv. How many other actors have done what he did and still had a career? Besides Robert Downey Jr.

311 days ago


Team Charlie.

311 days ago


Been saying that all along!

311 days ago


It seems like Charlie is going there again. He must have some kind of serious personality disorder. This is no longer about his sons; it is about WINNING. I'm not so sure if I could consider him a self-absorbed phony because that would be a place a rational person would be. Charlie isn't manifesting emotional or mental normality in any way, shape or form. Aside from Denise, who I think had to do what she did to protect and mother her own children, I don't think there is anyone who cares about the emotional wellbeing of those two little boys aside from using them as pawns. That is so, so sad.

311 days ago


Poor kids two addicts for parents... and the kids aren't a priority for either. I hope they don't end up the same way when they grow up. Cute boys. Sad to see that they can't get along and try to make it work. Charlie did the same to Denise when they divorced. Very sad

311 days ago


Charlie doesn't want the full responsibility of his children. It's obvious by the way he shuffles off the kids to first his ex, second his whores and third the mother. All he is good for is the money and witty remarks

311 days ago


DCFS and their incompetent morons in charge have screwed up more children's lives and help few over thousands they don't. That they dare to call a good loving dad a phony when they are the worst. Between DCFS AND SOCIOPATHIC JUDGES tell Charlie Sheen to contact me, I've got court do***ents soon to be in a book I intend to author proving how crooked and dysfunctional they are AND HOW THEY ARE NOT ALWAYS MORAL BUT ON THE TAKE TOO. And I have the doc's and evidence. Charlie is a great father in many ways buying his ex's homes and paying millions for child support with love in his heart no matter how extraordinary his own life is, he's there to see his sons live healthy. I HATE DCF

311 days ago


I am and always will be a massive fan of him, I love him and want to have his babies.

but its so sad to see what a mess he's become from such a promising start back in the 80s, if you watch interviews of him now compared to then he's a totally different person, a poster boy for why people shouldn't do drugs, I feel sorry for him and his sad pathetic life I hope that if he really does have anykind of love for his kids this whole incident will be the turning point where he suddenly realises he's f***ed up and needs help, I hope he does get sent to jail he's been asking for it for years, he needs a reality check. its tragic that their are kids involved here, if he can't get his act together and wake up I hope that the state takes those kids into care and hands them to adopted parents far away with new Id's.

311 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

They kind of have a point. Charlie needs to quick talking and take some action.

311 days ago


One of those times they might be correcto mondo!

311 days ago


Who at DCFS is talking to TMZ? Jeezes..... stfu and do your job protecting all those kids in your care. STOP TALKING TO TMZ!!!-

311 days ago


The point is, no matter how fxcked up he is Brooke shouldn't be near these kids either. He knows he's unfit so he doesn't try to get custody, very simple. She is not a loving mother, she just wants the money. You don't need to be a genius to see that... A loving and caring mother would've already make sure those poor boys get psycological support there is no way these boys couldn't use it. I don't even want to know if this violent behaviour that Denise described really happend but to think that they are totally fine is bs they need any help they could get. That Brooke doesen't want them to see a doctor rings my alarm bells.

311 days ago

The world is disgusting    

let me tell you about DCFS in the state of California. I lived in a crackhead home, my parents abandoned me, left me with people who were "relatives" that were extremely abusive, collected welfare and food stamps on my behalf, without a birth certificate, or any other type of proper paper work. 1 time a DCFS lady came to check on me and I told her I was being abused in that home, know what happened? NOTHING. DCFS in California are fat, lazy a$$holes who only want to play god when it suites them.

311 days ago


They r right.He wnt even try2get his boys.His ex has em,the boys r clearly unstable(scary they r honestly showing signs of abusing animals etc.they need help NOW.What these boys r doing what future serial killers.They need serious help.those poor boys/also known as a big paydays.SO SAD

311 days ago


we know what sheen is about, what is the reason DCF and the court have ,made the terrible decision to ignore childrens welfare and place them back with a person who has been to rehab 20 times. DCF could order children to be seen by dr. for behaviour problems and help these kids. whats their excuse, for their behaviour.

311 days ago
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