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Andy Kaufman

Video of Alleged Daughter


11/14/2013 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Andy Kaufman is still alive and his death in 1984 was a HOAX ... so says a 24-year-old woman who claims to be his daughter ... and here's the thing -- her claim is NOT without some evidence.

It all went down Monday at the 9th Annual Andy Kaufman Awards at the Gotham Comedy Club in NYC. The event was hosted by Andy’s brother Michael ... and during his closing speech, the unidentified 24-year-old woman approached the stage.

You have to see it for yourself -- but the woman explained Kaufman has secretly been living as a stay-at-home dad with a wife and daughter after faking his own death from cancer 29 years ago.

The story goes that Andy faked his death to escape the spotlight and live in solitude.

The woman's account dovetails eerily with a story Michael told during the ceremony about a letter he found while going through Andy's stuff -- a letter Andy wrote explaining a plan to fake his death.

As for the evidence, here's what we found:

1.  When you look up Andy on the Internet database of record, there is no date of death listed.

2.  In 2001, the database shows Andy lived in Cook County, Illinois.

3.  There's another address indicating he lived in Westchester County, NY later in 2001.

Andy's alive

  • Yes
  • No
Speculations and rumors have swirled ever since Kaufman passed that his death was an elaborate hoax -- so while the woman's story is shocking, it's not entirely unbelievable.

As for when Andy plans to reveal himself, the woman said he had considered coming out that night -- but backed out at the last minute.

So we gotta ask ...



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I think people can do whatever the hell they want with their lives. I think it's ****ty to pin your anger over Cancer on someone if they chose to use that as part of a lie or hoax... it's really none of our business what people do with their lives famous or not. If it were twisted around and you were in the shoes... you would be sitting on your couch with your closest people and saying the same thing! " **** off, it's my life, my choice" So allow others to do and feel the same way. Period!

156 days ago


It's a shame most people will never get to see, hear or learn about the true stars of this world, because all the idiots are publicized.

156 days ago


Anyone that remembers his brand of humor would understand that this is all just a continuation of it. He's gone, but this "joke" is something that he would have enjoyed and that's exactly why they did it, for him and in his memory.

156 days ago


Faking your death for privacy is really extreme. He could have just stopped being such an attention wh**e and eventually no one would've cared about him. IMO he's dead.

156 days ago


if you go here you can see his death certificate-

156 days ago


Andy was a stay at home dad devoting all his time and energy to raising Miley Cyrus Kaufman.

156 days ago


Oh... If only... Thanks Clifton... Thanks Zmuda...

156 days ago


I'm sure he's dead, but I'm sure he had worked out something with his "people" to have his "daughter" come out of the woodwork years and years later. Seems like something he would do. He wins. We are still talking about him.

156 days ago


Do you really think, if he faked his death, that everyone would welcome him with open arms? I don't think so!

And his reason for not being able to go off into the sunset with his wife, have a baby, live in Arizona or whatever is what?

He was not that big a deal that the whole world would be searching him out. Well, at least not before he did this bizarre search for the cancer cure.

I am positive he could have slipped away, and no one would have really cared.

Not trying to be heartless, but really, he could easily have become Mr. Smith in a quiet remote area, anywhere in the US, or any other country.

He could be alive, possibly, but if I were him, I'd stay dead, because if he comes back as this late date, I would be more pissed off at the antics than relieved that, WOW....he's still here!!

He would be an old gieser by now, and should stay where he hiding or in heaven!

156 days ago

Double Bubble    

Pretty easy to see that she was lying, but it seems kind of pathetic that Andy's family would think this was funny..

156 days ago


what if his last wish was to keep this going even though he passed on and is getting the last laugh

156 days ago


This is an old hoax.

For a copy of Andy's death certificate, go to:***ents/kaufmandeath_0.gif

To view Andy's grave site, go to:

156 days ago

Michael G    

The only thing that brings even slight doubt to my mind was the scene in the "Man on the Moon" movie in which Andy's family points out signs that the hospital where he was staying was a fraud and the "nurses" and "doctors" had the earmarks of Hollywood actors (medical instruments that resembled props, hospital clothes with tags still on them). Apparently that scene actually happened in real life. But I'm 99% certain that he is gone... and if he isn't then even Bob Zmuda is fooled.

156 days ago


With some of the fake celeb deaths out there and questions if they could STILL be alive. I wonder if one day a true one would pop out of know where someday and say "I'm still here". And how will the world react to it a big lie.

156 days ago


I've read up on Andy faking his death prior to this story. The lady stating to be his daughter (some say theatre student close by) messed up when at the beginning she stated that she did not know her dad and then went on to say she did not know Michael as her uncle since she did not know him. So what is it you either was raised by your dad (Andy) or as you stated, you don't know him. Big error on her part.

156 days ago
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