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Alec Baldwin

'We Love Him Even More'

...Says Gay Hairstylist

11/15/2013 11:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hard to believe ... but some of Alec Baldwin's gay friends in NYC love him even MORE -- not less -- after hurling his anti-gay slur at a paparazzo yesterday.

Nick Berrios, Baldwin's openly gay hairdresser was on "TMZ Live" and told us he and his friends just love all of Alec's drama ... which sounds just a tad bit cliche.

But you gotta see Nick's response ... when we ask if it's ever OK for anyone to use the f-word.


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Melvin Gillespie    

Its sad that this guy would come out and defend Alec Baldwin because he's his hairdresser, I think he's a sell out and need to have his gaycard revoked!

305 days ago


The things people do for attention.

305 days ago


No fake Kardashian news today....

305 days ago


Nick will be getting way more dates from now on.

305 days ago


Look, first of all he's a NYer.. and well... and most in certain areas (that I know directly) have foul language. He was clearly ticked and he's being judged for how one chooses language when they are clearly not in a calm rational state? Easy to judge, from what position? The man chooses and trust persons who live another lifestyle. That should say a lot more than his current state. They guy has been through hell and the paparazzi is hounding him trying to get out of his home with his wife and child. I think we've all made mistakes and should understand that he's not being given the kind of respect that he should given his current situation.

305 days ago


they love his money. $$$$$ values and morels and principles are not the same as $$$$ to so many.

305 days ago


honestly, that is like someone saying, "how can I be a racist, I have a black maid." Hiring someone who is black, gay, hispanic, etc. does not mean you are not a racist or not a homophobe. It means you need something done and your choices are limited. There are plenty of racists who watch football and basketball, even though most of the players are minorities. And have you seen THE HELP? Hiring a minority does not mean you don't have a bias against them. If he said ******, aka the N-word, would we even be having this conversation?

305 days ago



305 days ago


Even our brilliant Vice Pres. used the F word for the entire world to hear. What a stand up gentleman with a lot of class.

305 days ago


I really don't think it matters if he said "the F' word or not. Soon no-ones going to be able to say anything without someone jumping down their throat. You all need to stop being so precious and lighten up. *** comes from ***got which means a bundle of sticks, society has put the homosexual spin on different is it than calling someone dumb or stupid or a spastic or Americans yanks? or Australians aussies, I really think you guys are making mountains out of molehills....ooops...did I just say 'Mole'hill? In Aus, a mole is the same as slut.

305 days ago


noun: sensationalism
(esp. in journalism) the use of exciting or shocking stories or language at the expense of accuracy, in order to provoke public interest or excitement.

I know you have no other way to make money so I don't blame you but you must know that the whole show is filled with a bunch of
"Awkward ****tards" so I get it. esp. you Harvy
At least you are providing jobs for people who would otherwise wouldn't have one. Obama would be proud!!!
Thank You
p.s look forward to hearing from you, if you have the balls.. Ha Ha I forgot you have none.......

305 days ago


The hairdresser is a deusch and should be run out of the gay community. No matter how you try to cover up for Baldwin, he's a homophobe.

305 days ago


Nick is an embarrassment to the gay community for supporting hate speech just because Alec pays his bills. He is a ****ing idiot too. Go **** yourself Nick!

305 days ago


Why even bother talking to this guy? Clearly he cares more about having a famous client than standing up for the gay community. Way to have a backbone, guy.

305 days ago


Mr. Baldwin is worth $65.000,000. He lives in an $11.7 million Town Home in Manhattan. I think he can afford a private garage for his SUV for private comings and goings rather than place yourself as an open target on the street with your family.

304 days ago
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