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Justin Bieber to Guests

This Party Will Cost You $3 Mil

... If You Blab!

11/18/2013 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1118_justin_bieber_doc_launch_agreement Justin Bieber's Gatsby party Friday night was free of charge to guests, but if they utter a word about what went on inside they'll be socked for $3 million --- and get this ... it's a DISCOUNTED RATE!

Guests and workers signed a confidentiality agreement -- obtained by TMZ -- in which they agreed not to tweet, text, phone, Facebook, record, write or in any other manner spill the beans on what went on inside.

Apparently a lot went on ... Sheriff's deputies were called 3 times for noise complaints, and a neighbor tells us one deputy told him when the front door opened he caught a strong whiff of weed.

The document provides ... anyone who violates the confidentiality agreement will automatically be on the hook for $3 mil ... no trial, no arguing, just pay up.  

People who worked the party were also required to sign the document.

For some reason, the Biebs reduced the penalty ... by a lot.  TMZ obtained a similar confidentiality agreement he made people sign for a prior shindig, and the penalty clause was $5 million.

It's almost a bargain now.


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Correct me if im wrong Harvey...One cannot be held responsible for violating a NDA by disclosing criminal activity to law enforcement....Translation: Biebers lawyers are fking stupid..and the threat of litigation and a big number is enough to convince your average retard (read: Bieber's cohorts)

340 days ago


Great way to get away with criminal activity - force guests to sign agreement not to disclose what happens. Wonder who would win in court - someone testifying about a rape and tellig the judge "I can't tell you what happened - I signed an agreement and if I talk it will cost me $ 3 million"

340 days ago


Guess this prohibits Lil Za and Lil Twister from attending. They don't have $3, much less $3Mil.

340 days ago


As long as no one was on ecstasy

340 days ago


The cops should raid the place. Just for fun.

340 days ago


Hilarious. Nothing like a good ole' unilateral "agreement".

340 days ago


THIS is why I think that Brazilian hooker blabbing to the tabloids/ tv shows about her night with Justin was ALL PART OF JUSTIN'S PLAN. Justin ALWAYS has people sign do***ents when people party with him.........why hasn't this girl been sued yet? Justin is DESPERATE for a more grown up, bad ass, hip hop image....a girl going on tv telling people he was good in bed and has a big penis benefits this new image. I'm sorry, but everything he does is very calculated for attention in the media/twitter...Justin Bieber is a celeb BECAUSE of social media.

340 days ago


They have contracts like this for reality shows, like Survivor. I think the penalty is 10 million last I heard.

340 days ago


He better hope no one gets arrested at one of his parties. Violating a confidentiality agreement doesn't hold up if you get required by law to testify through a supeona

340 days ago


So what is going on at these parties that would cost somebody $3million if they talked about it? Sounds a bit strange and creepy to me...

340 days ago


What a hypocrite. Bieber, stop trying to pretend you know ANYTHING about prayer, faith or religion. It only further shows your ignorance and hypocracy and the extent you will go to try and cover your sorry antics around the globe. You're a self entitled, arrogant punk and you mock the very foundation of Faith and Christianity.

340 days ago

Victor A. Fedorov    

I think thats thats a clause common law has found unapplicable. In N.J. The clause in wills that says recepients are not allowed to challenge the will was found to be invalid, and not legally considered valid, even if signed.

340 days ago


What a stupid little brat.

340 days ago


This video of Justin Bieber getting interviewed by Zach Galifinakis will make your day -

340 days ago

Victor A. Fedorov    

The clause is a will, that says a beneficiary cant challenge it in court, has been struck down in nj as invalid; it negates a contract, if you deny right to petition government through the contract

340 days ago
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