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Aaron Carter

Files for Bankruptcy

Even My Dog's Worthless

11/21/2013 6:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Aaron Carter may want candy, but he can't afford it anymore ... because TMZ has learned he's gone belly up, filing for bankruptcy ... and the papers reveal sad news about his pooch.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Aaron's assets total $8,232.16.  Here's the BIG problem.  His liabilities total $2,204,854, which include a $31,166 AmEx bill.

Aaron -- who was a huge pop star and is still on tour, even tonight -- also owes $1,368,140 mil to the IRS.

As for his assets, he lists a 61" flat screen worth $500.  He also lists 2 MacBooks, 2 Headset Mics, a Mini Keyboard, Portable Beats, a speaker, a guitar, $60 in cash, Louis Vuitton backpack, a duffle bag and a printer worth a total of $2,500.  And he owns a Brietling watch worth $3,750.

Here's the saddest part.  He also lists a dog, with a value of ZERO.

Aaron lists his average monthly income at $1,998.75.  As for his monthly expenses -- $2,005, which includes $600 for food, $150 for clothes, and $65 for hygiene.

He's currently living with a family member.

Aaron is not filing for Bankruptcy light, which is often used to reorganize debts.  He's going for the whole, Chapter 7 enchilada, which means the creditors will eat it.

Aaron's rep Steve Honig tells us the singer filed for bankruptcy to move forward with his life and career adding, "the overwhelming majority of the debt he is asking to be discharged is from more than 10 years ago when he was a minor and not in control of his finances."


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He must be eating out everyday because $60...0/month for a single person is ridiculous. IF he was smart..he'd ask his brother Nick to help put him through college so he can get a job/career going for him....sorry the music train has left the station WITHOUT YOU a long time ago...time to realize it and move on.

338 days ago


There's always an excuse from an immature jerk who thinks he's bigger than he is (and, who is this bozo?) and ends up so deep in debt he looks for the easy way out. If he's such a 'atar", why not keep working until the debt is paid off? As far as "when he was a child", so what? Someone should've been looking out for the "child". I bet he's had plenty of time to pay it off, too....probably just didn't "feel like it".

338 days ago

Joe Dirt    

I hope he ends up like his sissy...Just sayin.

338 days ago

Joe Dirt    

I hope he ends up like his sissy...just sayin.

338 days ago


Chapter 7 is rarely given; why since he spent a majority of his income on drugs it all be forgiven and who is lower TMZ you for putting his dog has NO value in your headline you are him?

338 days ago


What a little snot! $60...0 a month for food??????? He is one person! I feed a family of 4 on $300 a month. And who needs $150 in clothes a month? I maybe spend that on my self a year....MAYBE! How about you live within your means! I make a lot more money than he does on a monthly basis-I am just responsible with my spending.

338 days ago


aCtually, he's absolutely right about his dog. Dogs have no value in the legal sense, other than you paid for them at a certain price. I'll happily take his dog and give the dog a great home.

338 days ago


How does a person owe over 2 million dollars with very little to show for it? His listed assets are, at most, 10 grand. Where did all the money go? Is he some kinda moron?

338 days ago


I liked the kid when he had his reality show. It's really unfortunate that alot of youth do not plan for their future. What we have today may not be here tomorrow. That is cliche...but a real reality. Too bad his life is full of troubles. Loosing his sister, now his livelihood. Hope you bounce back and next time finance what you can afford, not what you selfishly need. Remember, payed friends are not true friends.

338 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

dang. when i go broke, it looks like a damn shopping cart and a heavy smelly coat someone pissed on, and a pair of beat up shoe string less sneakers with the tongue all flapping outward. these people go 'broke' and keep everything they own, and then very gently move back to their old lifestyles, with everyone's total comfort and understanding. 2 macbooks??? and you're 'broke'? and now you want some judge to put everything back in place for you, and you bills get all squared away fair and square?? what the fuq is going on in this freaky asz nation???

338 days ago


I love when celebrities fail. That's why I read TMZ.

338 days ago


I work in an attorney's office. If the dog isn't valued at zero, it can be taken and sold to pay off the debts. This is referring to market value; a pedigreed dog might be worth several hundred or even thousand dollars. Fortunately, sentimental worth cannot be quantified or repossessed.

338 days ago


"Aaron -- who was a huge pop star"...was he? or did he have one or two videos play exclusively on the disney channel then he lost his damn mind on that E show? I hope he didn't file in Boston. After all, that's New Kids territory.

338 days ago


Forget about the other debts...if you owe the IRS, you're really screwed.

338 days ago


He put that his dog was worth $0 because if your dog is spade or neutered and he can't make money breeding it then it is considered to be worth nothing. It does not mean he feels the dog is worthless.

338 days ago
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