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Nina Simone's Daughter

Accused of Betraying Mom

And Screwing African Schools

11/24/2013 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The daughter of the late legendary jazz singer Nina Simone fleeced her mom's Estate and FLAGRANTLY ignored Nina's last wish -- to fund schools for poor kids in Africa  ... this according to law enforcement.

Lisa Simone Kelly siphoned more than $2 million that the California Attorney General claims should have been earmarked for music schools in South Africa, Liberia and Ghana.  Lisa had access to the money because she was the trustee of her mom's Estate.

The A.G. claims the most flagrant violation is funneling $1.5 mil to Lisa's personal company ... something her mom never approved.

We've learned the A.G. pressured Lisa into resigning as trustee and is now demanding an accounting of funds -- which could result in criminal action.


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We want Miley Cyrus to play her in a movie

332 days ago


spoiled brat.

332 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Forgive me for being such a hardass and I know it's no business of mine what people do with their money but WTF good is it doing to educate Africans when we have people here in the USA who can barely read and can't even spell an entire three-letter word. Oh well, I guess someone has to do the grunt work for the rest of us who keep ourselves educated.

332 days ago


She probably figured since Oprah is already doing the African school thing she didn't have to.

332 days ago

Phil Mcl    

It is her Mom's money if she wants to keep it. Let her.

332 days ago


Well you just can't trust enwards with being honest in any way. Since they are only animals, they don't know any better. That is a fact. Class dismissed!

332 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

@Nekru, The only fact here is that you are a worthless, racist bitch. I'm sorry that you have such a pathetic existence that you are forced to play make believe that you are better than others, but the fact is that you're not. When you are alone with only your own thoughts, you recognize that you are no better than anyone else, and if you don't it's only because you're in denial of the truth. You never had any class, so you should stick to dismissing yourself. @Unreal In the field, this statement also applies to your narrow-minded self.

331 days ago


Your Own Mothers wish and you not only ROB her when she's gone, you Rob her OF her wish AND, you STOLE from those unfortunate's that money was to go to.
How's that gonna FEEL being known stealing from your Mother and her DYING Wish.


331 days ago


Somehow this is still white peoples fault.

331 days ago


Aint got no inheritance

331 days ago


why is it only white people help the needed

331 days ago


WHY DOES THE ATTORNEY GENERAL, A.G. CARE WHAT SHE DID WITH THE MONEY AS LOMG AS SHE USED SOME OF IT FOR SCHOOLS OR OTHER SOCIAL OPPORTUNITIES? Who are they to say whether or not the money should be funneled to her personal business as long as that personal business actually does some business. Who are they to say that her wishes should not be overridden by the trustee. Maybe the officials in africa are corrupt and she did not trust giving money that wouldn't make it to the schools at all... but most importanlty WHO THE **** DOES THE ATTORNEY GENERAL THINK THEY ARE. I'll tell you. They are there to make sure you don't have any rights to your own money.

325 days ago

Brittany White    

If this was her last wish than she should have done this. It was a highly noble aim: fund schools for African kids. We all know that, unfortunately, education in Africa stays on a very low level and when people are trying to do something to improve the situation we should let them. These children deserve to get get paper writing assistance, math help and other important subjects. But what she did…..she deserves to be punished as every action has its price

264 days ago

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