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Marc Anthony's Ex

JLo Gets Child Support

I Got a Crappy Valley Apt!

11/26/2013 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Marc Anthony's ex-wife claims the singer has turned a cold shoulder on her children ... forcing them to sell their home and move into a hovel in the Valley ... while he lives like a king -- and to add insult to injury, he pays the very rich Jennifer Lopez a ton of child support ... this according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

Dayanara Torres -- the 1993 Miss Universe -- wants a huge increase in child support -- from $13K per month for their 2 sons, to $113K a month.  It's an enormous increase, but she says it's a drop in the bucket for Marc -- who this year boasted he makes $1.25 mil a month -- MINIMUM.

It's especially infuriating for Dayanara, who claims Marc played the poverty card during their divorce, claiming he had such money trouble he had to sell his private island and let some of his staff go.  Now get this ... the week the divorce became final, she says he bought JLo a $4 MILLION RING!

Dayanara says Marc goes weeks and even months without seeing their boys, one of whom has special needs.  She mentions one instance where he told the boys he couldn't visit because of work, but then they saw him on TV cavorting on a beach with JLo.  They were devastated.

Dayanara gives Marc backhanded credit for giving the kids lavish gifts.  For example, last XMAS he sent them 4 huge boxes of toys, including an extravagant Lego set.  But she says their apartment is so small they have no space to play with them.

She also grouses that Marc actually PAYS JLO child support, and a lot of it -- way more than she gets.


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get a job gold digger

298 days ago


get a job . oh i forgot , you have no marketetable skills . well there is always trade school.

298 days ago


Hes an ******* and always was. Who hooks up with an *******? All he can do is sing but isnt worthy to be called a husband, father or anything. J Lo is an ******* and sex addict as well. Two peas in a pot.

298 days ago


Let me get this right
This woman is bellyaching because of what someone else is getting regardless of who it is after she agreed in a earlier court hearing for that amount she is lready getting.

She wants now $113,000.00 a month after already getting tax free $13,000.00 a month for child support.

Where my violin and I will play her my sad song.

Just how many single parents does she think would want to be in her shoes supporting two children on better than $135,000.00 a year .

Lady get a life or find a rock and die under it

298 days ago


Hey heres some sound advice
How many women do you think would want to trade places with you getting $13,000.00 a month for child support
Your patheitic, I supported my wife and 2 son's for years making less than a 3rd of that.
Dayanara you need a serious reality check and no it does not mean you being Miss Universe and bragging about it.

298 days ago

Scott Levy    

Wow, I'd love to make $13k a month for absolutely nothing. She should be grateful.

298 days ago

jobel barbosa    

if your getting 13k a month and you can't afford to keep a house or rent a apt. then you should not have kids. they should be taken away from you and given to a couple of monkeys in some jungle to be taken care of by some real responsible parents. 13k a month = 156k a year. SHAME ON YOU. if you can't make it with that then get your ass up grab a computer and start looking for a DAM JOB. You pathetic excuse of a woman. You are just being a MONEY HUNGRY GOLD DIGGER. Hows about you help support your kids and find a job. you want all this help and support and money from him. If I was the judge in halls child support case i would ask you what are you doing to support your kids then I would have them taken from you and given to the father who is doing the supporting. Im sorry y'all I'm not into taking the kid from the mother but dam if she can't support herself and 2 children while getting 156k a year then she should not have kids. don't blame the father for something you did. He is doing his part as a father. You are the one not taking care of your kids. If you can afford rent or a mortgage and your getting this kind of money then your not doing something right. my mother raised me and 3 other siblings (total of 4 children) and she was bringing home only like $20,000 a year if that much. and we made it.

298 days ago


She should fight for her kids' rights. Marc is such a typical millionaire narcissistic man, uninvolved as a parent, only giving them expensive gifts figuring that's enough. I bet he's that way with his other children too. That's how you end up with grownup kids like Ryan O'Neal's and Michael Douglas's.

298 days ago


"now I aint saying shes a gold digger"...Oh wait, yes I am...I make $260...0 a month, live by myself and I have a good size house with 6 bedrooms, if she can not survive on 13,000 a month child support plus the other couple thousand a month she gets from him then maybe she should get a job to pay for it? So sick of seeing these bum ass women thinking they are owed something because they got knocked up by a rich man...She probably spends the money on her own selfish lifestyle like many of the other women we have seen do, she may have custody of the kids, but does she support them?? Say what you want about the dad but at least he can support his kids needs...She is obviously jealous of JLO too...Well she has his kids too doesn't she? So why do you think her children are not entitled to child support? Because she worked to make a fortune? Why don't you work for it too?

298 days ago


I always knew Marc was a s*** bag... long before this!

298 days ago


he is disgusting....why he was ever married (and more than once) is beyond accounting for women's ttaste, but, they might have been in it for the $$$$$$$

298 days ago


i did all asked in email....AND STILL NO POSTING....R U SERIOUS?

298 days ago


Hold on. PEOPLE mag @ 2004 reported Dayanara ("Yari") had filed for divorce from Marc Anthony in Jan. 2004, though she claimed not to want one. Three months earlier (October 2003) Marc and Yari announced their final split. Around mid-Sept. 2003, the marriage of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck was cancelled only a few weeks earlier. "Bennifer" stayed together another four months. Jennifer tried to convince Ben to re -schedule the wedding, a much simpler version, - late that Sept./early Oct. It almost took place in a rural part of Georgia. J.Lo met up w/ Affleck, seemingly far from the roving eye of paparazzi but the privacy didn't last.. They never filed their application for a marriage license as the paps began roaming in.

There are many bits of related info which clarify what happened. Most relevant, jmo, is that Dayanara enjoyed a majestic wedding w/ Marc (actually a renewal of vows), which included, I read, a new diamond ring/ rock. BTW, though Dayaarra has accused Jennifer of stealing Marc from her, it was Yari who came between Marc and Jlo at the time when J & M were first dating.
Last but not least, though Dayanara has voiced her disapproval of women who date men that are "technically married", as Marc was in the process of getting divorced. But Yari didn't seem to extend her standards to herself, e.g. w/ actor Terrence Howard.

298 days ago


They're all Marc's kids -- and all should be treated equally.. with time, love, and material things...

298 days ago


If she can't make ends meet on $13,000 a month then she has serious problems. Child support was not meant to support the mother. It is meant to HELP support the child. She is supposed to work and contribute to the support of her children. Whole working families exist on far less. What kind of house did she have that she couldn't make the payments out of that $13,000?

298 days ago
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