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Amanda Bynes

Fit to Walk the Dog

After Leaving Rehab

12/5/2013 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Amanda Bynes is coherent and accepting compliments from the paparazzi again ... and sounds better than she has in more than a year.

Bynes took the family dogs for a walk with her parents today ... after she was sprung from a Malibu rehab facility earlier this week. She'd been getting treatment there for mental illness since September.

We asked Amanda all sorts of questions ... but there was only one topic she really wanted to discuss. Check out the video.

Worth noting: the dog Bynes almost torched in a driveway fire in July ... was not on the walk.


No Avatar


Totally disgusting footage. She has enough on her plate without having to answer world-record type questions about her recovery, especially when the questions are world-record insincere. Why not follow Harvey Levin around in a few years when he's battling who-knows-what and shove microphones in his face and ask him "How ya doin'", or how come your house has been on the market for soooo long, is it the Jew in you to ask for so much more money than anyone's willing to pay ?

290 days ago


Please leave her alone, and let her heal. She still doesn't look like the bubbly Amanda I remember. Let her be, so she can get to being like that.

290 days ago


Two thoughts:

1) That sweater. Really? Not quite the first impression I was hoping for.

2) Her parents. Sorry, but if they really wanted the best for their little girl, they woulda put that house up for sale the instant she went into rehab. Period. Her father is a very well-to-do dentist, could relocate anywhere to get away form that media circus. Now should they have to move? No. But that's the reality of Los Angeles, like it or not. I imagine her MOTHER likes the lifestyle and didn't want to give it up. If so, shame on her.

Get better, Amanda.

290 days ago

The paps need to get a life, and stop stalking people!

290 days ago


It's amusing to me — all the well-wishers on here. Most of you hypocrites were trashing her just months ago.

289 days ago


Now you know why people hate the paparazzi. Did we really need to see this??

289 days ago

K Becker    

Amanda Bynes is SUFFERING from an illness. Pretend like you have a little class and leave her alone.

289 days ago


My God, leave the girl alone for awhile! It was obvious she didn't want to talk. She's been through a lot, stop trying to bait her!

289 days ago


Awesome shirt to wear coming out of crazy rehab. "gangsta love"

289 days ago


Hey stalkerazzi, leave her and her family the FK alone!

289 days ago


Can we please leave her alone? Normally I couldn't care less, but geez. She really does need her privacy.

289 days ago

Art Fugue    

Wow, it would really be awful to have people following you around asking you questions while you are just trying to take a walk in your neighborhood. Stuff like this makes me feel guilty about coming to this site. Please let these people live outside your selfish mania for scoops.

289 days ago


These little dirtbag paps chase these people around with a video recorder, barking questions, barking statements to get a reaction. They have ZERO interest in her well being. None. Their sole purpose is selling the video with hopefully some kind of reaction from that person that ups the value. They get more money if she talks, hence barking questions left and right.

289 days ago


Please leave this family alone.

289 days ago


"Somebody help me, please. Get me away from this nut bag before she sets me on fire!

The dog

289 days ago
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